Wholesale Direct Metals

The careful investor examines prices for gold from several firms, checking their premiums against other fees such as shipping and the cost of opening an account. He explores the different services they offer and their grades on review pages. Their ethics and policies are carefully examined. Wholesale Direct Metals of Pacific Palisades, California, will be among the companies many consumers investigate, hoping that by “wholesale” they mean “inexpensive.”

Discount Volume Dealer

This firm does, in fact, offer excellent pricing due to their ability to buy large amounts of gold. Buying in volume really does reduce the prices for precious metals as it does with most things. Consumers will be purchasing the same gold traded elsewhere with no loss of quality or purity, including private coins and bullion coins.

WholesaleDirectMetals.comWholesale Direct Metals Review: the Website

An organized website is a blessing to the busy or confused reader. It makes the reading process quick: one can skim categories before delving into anything deeply. Categories are well organized and include the Learning Center, Ask the Expert, Investing in Gold, Gold Blog, and listings of particular products.

As Written by Damon Geller

Nowhere on the site does it say that Damon Geller is the President and CEO of Wholesale Direct Metals, but the Better Business Bureau lists him thus. He is also writer of the blog posts which promote a picture of the US economy approaching a crisis. His fear mongering approach will be realistic to those who share his view, thought-provoking to those on the fence, and potentially offensive to any consumer who believes this is just a shady sales tactic.

Since he does the writing and these are not links Geller has pulled from Forbes or the Wall Street Journal, it is important to find out who Damon Geller is and what credentials he has to promote his perspective. Use learning tools to obtain general facts about investing in gold, using it to back an IRA, or operating with Wholesale Direct Metals.

More of Geller’s Opinion

The CEO also shares his views on worthy investment products. Again, why should one believe him? He suggests that private coins make excellent investments because of their history of long-term, steady growth. These are investment grade items such as St Gaudens, Liberty Gold, and Gold Arctic Fox coins.

His chart is nothing like anything else you have ever seen. The lines go one way: up. Realistically, purchasing any kind of gold or other precious metal is an investment gamble which, when one is educated and weighs the risks, can be a profitable one or not. His tables suggest there is no risk, just upward movement.

Ethics at Wholesale Direct Metals

In spite of any reservations these factors might give a person, Wholesale Direct Metals is affiliated with the PCGS and NGC. Their connection to Equity Institutional is perhaps as part of a professional partnership: they are not coin grading services or consumer advocates. The DDSC is a Delaware coin depository.

The Better Business Bureau provides an A+ grade for Wholesale Direct Metals which has been accredited since 2007. No complaints have been made in the last three years, at least. This small company, it would seem, has kept its promise to provide ethical service, low prices, and to help consumer liquidate their gold so as to take advantage of high prices.

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