Summit Precious Metals Exchange

Located in Phoenix, Arizona, Summit Precious Metals Exchange is a leading gold and silver dealer across the nation. The company has a wide range of offerings, including precious metals IRAs, gold and silver bullion, numismatic coins, and proof coins, for savvy investors who seek to diversify their investment portfolio by adding precious metals to it.

The company’s strategy is to support long-term financial goals by providing knowledge of the gold and silver products that are available to investors who are looking to diversify their investment portfolios and preserve their wealth. The company also offers discounted commissions and fees.

SummitPreciousMetals.comApproach of Summit Precious Metals

Owning precious metals is a key strategy in investment diversification and wealth protection. Today, investors are increasingly turning to precious metals as an investment strategy given the concern of continuing erosion of the financial markets.

By buying gold and silver products, investors are insulating their investments and protecting their wealth. Summit Precious Metals Exchange understands this and delivers a full range of precious metal products with superior customer service at highly competitive rates.

Gold and Silver Products Offered by Summit Precious Metals

Since precious metals are tangible assets, they can help to protect your wealth against inflation and financial meltdowns. The three investment categories offered by Summit Precious Metals Exchange are numismatic coins, bullion coins and bars and proof coins. The company enables bullion to be acquired as coins, ingots and bars. Bullion coins are usually the most common types of bullion for retail investors.

Precious Metals IRA

The company makes the process of including precious metals in your IRA account easy. You can speak to a customer representative from the company and receive the necessary paperwork to set up your IRA with an IRS-approved IRA custodian of precious metals.

Once you set up your IRA, the company will work with you to transfer funds from an existing IRA to your new IRA. You can inquire about approved IRA gold and silver products to build your portfolio.

Summit Precious Metals will work with you to buy the specific precious metals that you have chosen for your IRA. These precious metals will then be sent to an insured depository and stored in an account, which is in your name. You should note that the products must be placed in an approved facility only, and you cannot physically hold the precious metals products.

Buying and Selling through Summit Precious Metals Exchange

The company provides their customers with a two-way market. There are times when investors will need to buy or sell their precious metals products. You can contact the company’s customer service representatives to get a competitive quote for free.

The customer service representatives will help you to make informed decisions regarding your precious metals portfolio and will give you insights into current conditions of the precious metals market. The company aims to offer competitive pricing whether you are buying or selling.

Summit Precious Metals Review

Summit Precious Metals Exchange enjoys a positive market reputation, with no major complaints made against the company. The company is also regarded as an opinion expert, appearing in news commentary related to the industry.

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