Strategic Gold

Located in Naples, Florida, Strategic Gold is a dealer in physical gold and other precious metals that only buys gold from the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) at internationally recognized spot market prices. The company claims that they do not add any mark-ups to the purchase price.

StrategicGold.comOfferings of Strategic Gold

Since Strategic Gold only buys silver and gold from the Primary Bullion Market, all their precious metals meet strict investment-grade criteria. All bullion that you buy through the company meets specific qualities, such as weight, purity, serial number, and refiner’s mark.

There is an independent audit conducted every quarter so that each bar can be distinguished by these qualities. The results of these audits are then mailed to each owner at the end of every quarter.

Strategic Gold enables simple, convenient and cost-effective ways to make purchases, store or even sell your gold and silver bullion bars. Some dealers do not typically provide any storage facilities and you would be required to store your bullion in a safety deposit box or in your home.

In these cases, the bullion is non-insurable. However, Strategic Gold provides storage facilities for your bullion in a certified LBMA vault, thus ensuring that your bullion is safe and secure.

You will retain title to your gold and reserve the right to request for delivery at any given point. For the length of time that you own it, the gold will always remain your property though it is stored in a facility run by an independent accredited professional.

You can even choose your vault location, depending on what you are comfortable with. No one else will be able to claim title to any of your bullion assets. The failure or insolvency of Strategic Gold or any other related companies will not affect your gold ownership.

Purchasing Gold and Precious Metals through Strategic Gold Corporation

Strategic Gold enables easy purchases of gold and precious metals, by following 3 simple steps — submitting a filled application to open an account with Strategic Gold, funding your account, and placing your order. Once your application has been submitted to the company, you can fund your account by check or wire transfer. All funds are sent to a US-based bank account only.

The company requires a minimum investment of a 1-kilo bar for all new accounts. Any other subsequent purchase may be made in smaller quantities. There are no taxes levied on purchasing bullion via Strategic Gold Corporation.

Should you decide to take delivery of the bullion in a jurisdiction where taxes are levied, you may be required to pay a sales tax. For any tax related queries, it is always prudent to seek the advice of a tax consultant.

If you wish to sell your bullion, you can simply contact the company and inform them of your wish to sell. The company will then implement the sale transaction immediately, depending on your instructions.

The company also provides statements and results of the quarterly audit 4 times in a year, usually at the end of every quarter. You can also request for a statement at any time should you require one.

Strategic Gold Review

The company appears to have a sound business and investment strategy, offering quality gold and silver products to customers through the LBMA. They also keep your gold, silver and precious metal holdings confidential and will not disclose any other information without your consent.

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