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Rosland Capital, an “A” rated BBB-accredited company based in Santa Monica, California, has been striving to educate the public about the benefits of investing in precious metals. It has been doing so since 2008.

Indeed, Rosland Capital frequently notes that the value of gold has risen over the past 25 years, while the purchasing power of the dollar has continually decreased. Moreover, Rosland Capital is quick to point to the US national debt, which is now over $17 billion dollars, and which clearly plays a role in the fear of inflation and economic disaster.

RoslandCapital.comRosland Capital’s most famous spokesperson is William Devane, who is best known for his role as Greg Summer on the primetime soap opera Knots Landing. In addition, Rosland Capital could be seen on Fox News and The Glenn Beck Show.

Rosland Capital offers investors a number of investment tools, including a market to purchase precious metals and gold-backed IRAs. However, most of these investment tools are not described on their website.

In order for an investor to get more information on these investment tools, they would have to call or request an investment kit. Although calling Rosland Capital proved to be quite easy, it is difficult to get basic information without giving private information first.

Direct Purchase of Precious Metals

Rosland Capital offers precious metal coins and bars for sale. For example, Rosland Capital often has gold bars for sale, including a Credit Suisse Gold Bar. This gold bar consists of 1 troy oz. of 24-karat gold. Rosland Capital also offers silver and platinum bars for sale.

Moreover, it has precious metal coins for sale including American Gold Eagle coins and American Silver Eagle coins. This minimum online order amount is $1,500 and the maximum online order amount is $10,000. Investors are limited to one online order per person/household per day.

The selection of precious metal coins and bars are limited. There are only a few coins to choose and even fewer bars to choose. However, they are one of the few precious metal companies that offer platinum bars for sale.

Investors may only pay with a bank check, personal check or bank wire, and Rosland Capital must receive these funds within 48 hours of the order. Therefore, Rosland Capital recommends that investors use overnight delivery to send payments.

If Rosland Capital does not receive the payment within that period, Rosland Capital has the right to cancel the order and recoup the difference between the agreed upon purchase price and the actual resale price. In addition, Rosland Capital will also charge a 4% restocking fee. Therefore, if an investor plans to make a purchase through Rosland Capital, they must ensure that they send the payment promptly and securely.

In addition to sending the payment, Rosland Capital requires that the investor sign and send a Customer Agreement form. Thus, an investor must print out a copy of the Customer Agreement form, read and sign it, and send it, along with all payments, to Rosland Capital.

Again, if Rosland Capital does not receive this agreement within 48 hours of the initial purchase, it has the right to cancel all purchases and charge the penalties stated above. Again, investors must be very careful to follow the purchase requirements of Rosland Capital or they will face a stiff penalty.

Gold-Backed IRAs

Investors uncertain about buying physical metals for various reasons — including storage of these metals — might be more at ease with a gold-backed IRA. Many investors are knowledgeable with the ins and outs of traditional IRAs and are very much aware that they are important for a retirement portfolio. But most IRAs invest in traditional bonds, stocks, and mutual funds.

Therefore, most IRAs need diversification of investments in other areas, like precious metals. This makes them vulnerable to market fluctuations. Unlike traditional IRAs, a gold-backed IRA from Rosland Capital is backed by precious metals.

Unlike some other firms that offer to set up original gold-backed IRAs, Rosland Capital only offers investors the option to rollover an existing IRA into a gold-backed IRA.


There have been reports that Rosland Capital charges excessive commission rates for gold exchanges. In addition, a number of websites have flagged Rosland Capital, and others like it, as fraudulent businesses.

These companies often use fear mongering as a way to get unsuspecting investors to fork over their hard-earned money. Therefore, it is very important to do diligent research and review prospects before making any investments.

Additionally, investments in precious metals are similar to any other investments. These valuable metals are not without capital risks — their value can appreciate, go down, or remain stagnant. No company, including Rosland Capital, can guarantee that these investments will indeed appreciate. The value of these investments will depend on extrinsic factors, beyond the control of Rosland Capital.


Rosland Capital is a Santa Monica corporation, which offers investors the options of purchasing precious metals or investing in gold-backed IRAs. However, there are a number of issues with Rosland Capital including the rigid purchasing agreement an investor must enter into before purchasing any product.

Moreover, research indicates that Rosland Capital has been flagged for unscrupulous business conduct. Therefore, all investors should proceed with caution when dealing with Rosland Capital.

Investors considering diversifying their portfolio with investments in precious metals should consult their financial adviser before making any commitments.

In addition, investors should do thorough research and review on any company they decide to invest with. If an investor does their due diligence on Rosland Capital, they are likely to find a number of complaints that might persuade them to invest elsewhere.

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