Pacific Precious Metals

The principles of Pacific Precious Metals as a company are integrity, transparency, responsibility, and philanthropy. This Bay Area trader in precious metals aims to be honest, open, and ethical in their dealings with the public.

It is their belief that a part of strong business ethics is to give back. Everything they do appears to reflect the truth behind their promises.

Donate Scrap Gold

To most traders weighing your gold and giving you a price, your scrap equates to dollar signs and an opportunity to make some profit. That is what business people do: try to make money. There is nothing unnatural about that.

Pacific Precious Metals, however, gives customers the choice. They can take their money or donate scrap gold so that the proceeds can be used to support the Foundation for Reed Schools. Neither the customer nor Pacific Precious Metals benefits monetarily, and yet both will feel as though they gained something special from this transaction.

Two Catalogues Online

Lists of products for sale to online consumers are broken into two categories: Most Actively Traded and Less Actively Traded. The latter group is largest and includes platinum and palladium (IRA-eligible metals especially valuable to industrial purchasers).

The former collection is comprised entirely of gold and silver, just five items each. They include American Eagles (gold and silver), South African gold Krugerrands, brand bars, Canadian Maple Leaf Coins (gold and silver), and Generic Silver Rounds.

Among those most popular items is an interesting spread of costs per unit. Almost anyone interested in buying precious metals could afford to buy an item from this catalogue, which is probably why these are the Most Actively Traded commodities at Pacific Precious Metals.

Parents investing in a college fund for the future have a way into the market, not just millionaires with wealth to spare. No wonder silver is often referred to as poor man’s gold.

Opening a Gold IRA

The shorter list also contains a lot of items eligible for IRA investments. If you want to roll a 401k or existing IRA into a gold or silver IRA, Pacific Precious Metals can help you get the process started. They recommend Entrust for IRA custodianship.

Receive a New Account Starter Kit, create a Buy Direction Letter, and fill in the Entrust Transfer form. It does not take long to diversify your retirement savings from the comfort of your desk chair, a cup of coffee in hand.

PacificPreciousMetals.comTrustworthy Service: a Pacific Precious Metals Review

Pacific Precious Metals is at an advantage over companies that only operate online. Their professionals have had the opportunity to show their valuation skills and ample customer service abilities in person with numerous clients over the past 4 years. They buy and appraise precious metals and diamonds.

Among the items consumers from the Bay Area bring in for insurance appraisals and to sell have been jewelry, silverware, and miscellaneous household silver. In many instances, the customer is helping a probate attorney value a deceased individual’s estate for sale or distribution between beneficiaries. At other times, individuals bring their own items in for appraisal.

Appraisers work with high-tech analytical tools such as x-ray machines and acids, explaining everything they do to the customer sitting right there, watching in admiration. Instead of taking items to a back room and working in the shadows, they hold good to their pledge of transparency. Customers find the process fascinating and reassuring.

Transparency is not a quality to be overlooked. Many companies would take your silverware to a back room and maybe not do anything but look at it under a light before offering the rock bottom price, knowing your silverware is probably worth much more. A few fraudulent operators would manage to switch an item in the meantime, returning an item of lesser value to the oblivious consumer.

Not only do they value items on the spot (no appointment necessary), but Pacific Precious Metals experts will also buy precious metals, diamonds, and silverware on the spot. According to their many happy customers, Pacific Precious Metals gives a fair price; more than most shops would offer.

Bringing silver items to sell for cash could be an embarrassing prospect, but these associates handle the entire matter with respect and discretion. They have probably watched numerous clients go through this difficult step following the most recent stock market crash.

Ratings for Pacific Precious Metals

You have already heard what customers have to say; what about the Better Business Bureau and others? Pacific Precious Metals is a member of NGC, ICTA, and ANA, so their skills are acknowledged by numismatic organizations.

They received an A- from the BBB and were accredited in 2011. Since they opened only a year earlier, the Better Business Bureau only needs more time to give the company a higher rating, which they will surely receive.

Pacific Precious Metals has offices in Sausalito and Cupertino, California.

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