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Louis Navellier turned a university project into a lifelong objective: to make sure anyone could invest in hot stocks and commodities without having to pay for advice. He regularly posts advice on his website for free, having created an index that typically out-performs the S&P and proves that traditional products are not always best.

Navellier Growth hosts regular articles written by Navallier about investments in numerous stocks, shares, funds, etc. His writing takes all things into consideration which have an impact on the markets: government spending, the S&P, GDP, and more. Navellier offers this complimentary service complete with a dashboard of Leaders, Laggards, Hot Picks, and a Watch List. However, he has to make a living somehow.

NavellierGold.comA Navellier Gold Review

Where does real growth come from? Where a number of wealthy Americans are concerned, gold is the key to securing one’s retirement. Navellier’s parent company is Navellier and Associates Investment Management: Navellier Gold is a subsidiary.

He trades here in discounted gold and silver, capitalizing on the service he has provided free of charge on Navellier Growth. Suddenly, the concept looks less like a charitable method of encouraging financial literacy on a massive scale and more like a form of free advertising. Still, one cannot begrudge Navellier for being smart.

Not only do customers often pay to receive advice from investment brokers (including clients of the above parent company), but they would then also look for somewhere to buy products, often precious metals, potentially at an inflated price. Navellier sells precious metals at Navellier Gold for reduced prices to make them affordable to many Americans.

To reduce the price above spot, a broker does one or both of two things. First of all, he buys in volume directly from each mint so as to realize a lighter cost at his end. Secondly, he chooses to enjoy a smaller profit margin.

Chances are if this is happening at Navellier, he is making up for his losses with Navellier and Associates Investment Management where customers take facts they learned at Navellier Growth, apply them, and have financial gurus evaluate their portfolios.

On the Navellier gold website, the owner or his writer supplies information about silver and gold, news pertaining to precious metals, and advice about investing in gold and silver. Find out why this financial pundit thinks you should buy rare and beautiful metals.

The Better Business Bureau

Navellier and Associates Investment Management was only accredited in 2011, which is relatively recently considering the firm’s history. The company was founded in 1988. According to the Better Business Bureau, no complaints have been made about this business. They have received an A+, which should be a comforting site to readers. Navellier Gold is not independently accredited or even mentioned by the BBB, so use the parent company’s score as a sign of Louis Navellier’s corporate ethics and credentials.

Fee Structure at Navellier Gold

Navellier Gold does not list a fee schedule for clients. Navellier invites interested parties to phone the office for prices which are based on a variety of factors, including storage options. Navellier Gold is located in Reno, Nevada.

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