Midwest Bullion Exchange

Scott Hage is the founder and chairman of Midwest Bullion Exchange located in Minnetoka, Minnesota. He is a broker and trader of precious metals accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

The company sells gold, silver, and privately minted items but with a focus on gold and silver bars and coins. The following Midwest Bullion Exchange review is designed to give customers a bit of insight into the pros and cons of dealing with this business.

Midwest Bullion Exchange BBBWhat is Accreditation Worth?

Being accredited by the BBB gives a business at least some credibility whether they deal in precious metals or dog food. As credentials go, it is also the most recognized symbol across the board, even for individuals who are new to gold and silver trading or any kind of investing.

On the other hand, better established firms tend to be members of numerous organizations. Add the ICTA to Midwest Bullion Exchange’s affiliations making just two references.

They do not, as yet, belong to numismatic associations or coin grading organizations. While not necessarily a bad thing, many alternative investment companies are members of a lot of appropriate professional bodies that lend their reputations greater weight.

privatebullion.comProducts at Midwest Bullion Exchange

The main two elements of value to an IRA or personal investment are gold and silver. Most of the products available to a consumer fall into these categories with just a handful of palladium and platinum items eligible for inclusion in an Independent Retirement Account.

Midwest Bullion Exchange carries 24 silver products, almost 40 items of gold, junk silver, monster boxes, and more. If your purchase is destined for an IRA account, it will be shipped to the Delaware depository until you wish (or are required by law) to liquidate holdings and claim your monthly pension payments between ages 60 and 70.

Midwest Bullion Exchange sells something unusual which is sold at a few sites but not the norm: silver bullets. They act as both physical and symbolic wealth.

A tangible silver bullet is also your figurative “silver bullet” against inflation and depreciation of stocks and shares. They range in size from 1 ounce to 100 ounces and in price from about $25 to over $2,200.

Midwest Bullion Exchange sells an impressive selection of bullion and coins, something for most budgets. Even a regular family preparing for their children’s post-secondary education could afford to purchase a silver bullet and put it away for a day when silver is at peak market value.

Buy and Sell with Midwest Bullion Exchange

As with a lot of other companies, one can both buy and sell precious metals with Midwest Bullion Exchange. Why do people sell their gold if it is such a good investment?

Perhaps they are re-balancing their portfolios to include less of a precious metal and more of another metal or a different fund. Maybe they are selling inherited holdings or selling a certain minting in favor of a newer or older one. Some investors believe more strongly in the value of silver than in gold because silver is industrially popular, so they switch their investments around.

News from the Inside

Most consumers with IRAs fail to educate themselves adequately, so when they get to a website like this one, it is the first time they really take notice of headings for financial news regarding precious metals. Scott Hage writes a lot of the blogs for his website which give the readers a true insight into how knowledgeable the CEO is.

Hage and other contributors pen articles regarding current events as they affect the market in precious metals. A Mint Spotlight looks into the history of American and Canadian Mints. Take in as much or as little as you want: you, the consumer, are urged to take responsibility for your retirement by reinvesting old, dormant 401ks into precious metals.

Midwest Bullion Exchange appears to be about as good as anyone else out there. With more time they might also build connections with more organizations.

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