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**IMPORTANT UPDATE August 2014**

Merit Gold and Silver, also known as Merit Financial, have recently announced on their website that they are in the process of shutting down their operation:

It is a well publicized fact that Merit have been charged with a precious metals fraud said to be in excess of $10 million. It is claimed among other things that the company promoted numismatics (‘collector’ coins) at a hugely inflated markup:

Read the full article here.

This demonstrates why it is so important to do careful research and due diligence before choosing a gold dealer to work with.


NOTE (September 2014): the following information is now superceded by the Update above.

MeritGold.comMerit Gold and Silver Review

Merit Gold has almost three decades behind it; more than most, though there are other contenders with long reputations. A profile of such duration shows that Merit understands the way investors from various generations think, what their fears might be, and the challenges their retirement funds are facing.

The ability to consider these factors when consulting with clients is an advantage, though older associates will need to get involved for a truly empathetic customer relationship. Peter Epstein started this company in Santa Monica, California: he understands.

Associations with other Organizations

The BCA (Business Consumer Alliance) gives Merit Gold an AA (not the AAA as reported on their profile write-up. As far as the meaning of this lower grade is concerned, AA is still excellent.

There have been 53 complaints, however, in 3 years, these accounting for their lower grade. In every case, where BCA is concerned, complaints were given proper consideration. Issues included shipping problems and complaints about price lock-ins.

Complaints raise an important topic: many times the problem originates with a consumer not using due diligence. Sometimes the policy is clear but complainants demonstrate a stubborn disregard for the small print. However, 53 complaints were enough to indicate that Merit could do a better job in the areas of shipping and price setting.

Experience and Transparency

Lacking the experience or knowledge to handle one angle of investments does not trouble customers if they know ahead of time. If they are misled, that is another story.

Merit makes clear that they are not tax professionals: not tax accountants or lawyers. Their role is to offer investment products and give their point of view backed by knowledge of the market.

Extensive News and Education

Yet a professional point of view has to be backed by reputable sources and be shown to make sense. Merit Gold promotes their point of view by posting articles, links, and videos: Market News, Gold Standard Radio, and Market Data. They hit viewers with various learning preferences: reading, watching, and radio.

Products at Merit Gold

As noted above, Merit is a trader in precious metals. They buy and sell gold and silver among other things and help consumers get their gold IRAs started.

Watch a video by CEO Mike Getlin to find out more about the process. A precious metals IRA is perfectly legal so long as consumers purchase one of about 18 products made of gold, silver, palladium or platinum. These cannot be collectible items: only bullion and bullion coins are permitted.

One of their latest products is the 2014 UK “Year of the Horse” coin featuring a new privy market rim technique to prevent counterfeiting. These coins from the Royal Mint are 1 oz. of 0.999 silver or gold. Though it will probably retain some collectible value in the distant future, for now its worth rests in the weight and purity of products.

30-Day Guarantee

If you ask for a price and make a purchase then the price goes down, you have 30 days within confirmation of your order to call in and get the order re-priced. The balance will be refunded in coins or cash.

This is an unusual and excellent feature of their company. Most times the risk belongs to customers, but clients are obliged to notice and report the change. Merit will not contact them proactively.

In the usual circumstances, customers have no recourse to complain if the price changes after their order has been locked in.

Advice from Traders in Gold

According to Merit Gold, most Americans possess about ¼ of the funds in their IRA which are necessary for day-to-day living. In other words, these Americans will have to rely on government handouts just to get by. Holidays and fancy cars are not even an issue.

They call upon Americans to be proactive and responsible by adding anything from 10% to 20% gold to their IRA accounts. Merit urges consumers to diversify their investment portfolios and possibly open multiple IRA accounts to meet their needs: one with gold, another backed by real estate investments, and so on.

If a customer does not possess an IRA or his custodian will not administer gold investments, ask Merit to recommend a custodial company and a depository for bullion.

Giving Back to the Community

When a company trades successfully in precious metals, they should be able to reinvest in their communities. Sometimes they donate quietly to charities. Other firms advertise their success by doing so corporately, as is the case at Merit. As noted on their website, Merit supports Relay for Life and the Wounded Warrior Project.

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