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A savvy investor’s hackles should rise at the idea of investing with a firm that fails to identify its executive team, or at least the CEO. All you can say about Liberty Gold and Silver which is of any comfort in respect to their tangible existence is that they are registered with the Oregon Chamber of Commerce and they have an address.

LibertyGoldAndSilver.comLacking Solidity

Liberty Gold and Silver is not accredited with any other business or financial organization. They do not state when the business first started or by whom.

Transactions come out of Portland and take place over the phone, by email, or by fax, so at least this is better than an organization which only offers email contact. If I were a customer, however, their lack of history or of any personal touch would be troubling.

Services at Liberty Gold and Silver, Portland

Down the left portion of their website is a long sidebar listing all services. Headings include the products they sell, why to buy gold and silver, why to choose Liberty, and details for international customers.

There are links to sites Liberty Gold and Silver likes such as CNN Money, Bloomberg, Reuters, and the Wall Street Journal, among many others. Another listing is the affiliate program: not an unusual sight among precious metals dealers. Commission ranges from 30% to 50% dependent upon the volume of sales achieved. If an affiliate referral leads to a sale, this is the affiliate’s cut of the premium.

Rhodium and Ruthenium

The big-four metals listed by major trading companies are palladium, platinum, gold, and silver. A few companies also trade in rhodium.

Add ruthenium to this mixture and you have the full complement of Liberty Gold and Silver products. Rhodium sponge and ruthenium powder come from Heraeus Precious Metals. Baird & Co. supplies rhodium bars.

Ruthenium, a member of the platinum group, is used in the electronics field among others. Rhodium belongs to the same group but has more applications, such as in industry and jewelry making.

More Products at Liberty Gold and Silver

Liberty Gold and Silver sells U.S. coins and U.S. numismatics in gold and silver plus the usual palladium and platinum products, rhodium and ruthenium, as listed above. Their gold comes in sizes from fractional to 100 ounces. The online catalogue is well laid-out and simple to use.

According to their website, they can also give American customers support opening IRA accounts backed by precious metals. Liberty Gold and Silver deals in physical metals, not in stocks or FTEs. They can also arrange storage.

Archived Articles

The Liberty Times features archived articles in four categories; geopolitical, economy, currencies, and gold & silver. Along with their external links, these provide visitors with insight into the precious metals market, potential for growth, and greater learning about risks to the precious metals market overall.

Within these articles are the answers to your question: “why should I invest in precious metals?” Gold is the most valuable of the four precious metals listed above, a metal that is always worth what it weighs.

Silver and the other four products are becoming scarcer too and worth a great deal owing to their rarity. In the midst of national economic crisis, consumers with physical gold would have something more meaningful to trade with than currency if inflation became exponential. Investment experts recommend that some portion of every portfolio contain real precious metals among bonds and shares.

A Liberty Gold and Silver Review: Why Them (in their own words)?

Liberty asserts that they offer some of the lowest prices in the market, and they can do that for one reason: volume sales. As in any business, the capacity to purchase in huge volumes reduces expenditure, providing an opportunity to undercut the competition.

While prices are low, Liberty Gold and Silver insists their customer service and communication policies are top-notch. This goes for customers all over the world. They do not charge sales tax or commission.

Financing can be arranged for up to 75% of precious metals orders, opening the market to ordinary people with a high credit card limit. They offer non-pressure, highly knowledgeable service.

What Do the Customers Say?

There are a few articles off the site and a testimonials heading in the sidebar. Customers insist that they receive professional advice and excellent service. A couple of clients noted that they needed a lot of support and asked many questions. These were answered with patience and friendliness the whole time.

No claims of fraud, mismanagement, or misleading sales tactics have thus far been reported. Perhaps this firm’s sparse and very basic website (which lacks the sophisticated sheen of some more established trading firms) belies the professionalism and reliability of a truly excellent organization. I would still be wary considering they lack certification from and membership in relevant organizations.

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