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IRA123, a.k.a. Safeguard Financial Advisors, a.k.a. Safeguard Self-directed IRA , offers the support and experience of a tax attorney and other tax-experienced consultants. Most companies cannot provide direction of this caliber: IRA companies are frequently made up of trading and investment professionals or they are custodians.

Investment experts have lots of useful advice to give but will frequently direct consumers to consult a lawyer. A self-directed IRA is subject to liabilities which holders of custodian-directed IRAs do not experience. They would rather not consult a custodial company, preferring an independent approach.

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Obtaining cheque book control of one’s IRA has its advantages and disadvantages. While the IRA you opened years ago was administered by someone else, there was little for you to do, maybe not even worrying about investment choices. In fact, your opinion about investments was possibly a moot point.

Citizens owning self-directed IRAs decide what to back their retirement funds with. As the director of one’s own IRA (or 401k), the responsibility to report, distribute on time, and comply with other regulations falls to you. There are many possible errors and dead ends one might encounter, a reason to consider hiring a consultant for the job.

Types of Self-Directed Funds

Safeguard Self-Directed offers three choices: open an IRA LLC (Limited Liability Company); a 401k as a self-employed individual; or a Business Funding IRA to invest in a small business. Safeguard does not become custodian: that is your job. Their professionals consult, educate, and ensure you follow the rules while selecting a product pertinent to your needs.

What Can Consumers Invest an IRA in?

Options for IRA clients are tremendous and have grown in the past 20 years. Today, one can invest in residential, commercial, or industrial property.

Farmland, raw land, and foreign property are eligible. Invest in trust deeds, mortgages, and tax liens. Precious metals are also open to investors. The only items one cannot purchase are life insurance policies and collectible items.

Real Estate is a potentially lucrative market, or at least one with the potential to provide regular income. Safeguard reports that demand for rental housing increased considerably owing to the number of people who lost their homes following the stock market crash.

About Safeguard Self-Directed

The Better Business Bureau has given Safeguard Self-Directed an A+ and does not show any complaints having been listed in the last three years. Safeguard was accredited by the BBB in 2008.

Their goal is to provide clients with education first: teach them the ins and outs of opening a Self-Directed pension plan so they know for certain they are making the right choice. The alternative is to promote sales and then backtrack when customers complain they wished their consultants had offered more and better advice. Safeguard simplifies an otherwise complicated process.

They report that 40% of their clients come from customer referrals, a strong number and solid indicator of their popularity and consistency. The company is led by Brian Eastman, president and senior consultant. Mark Huglin, J.D. is Legal and Tax Consultant while Leonard Fischer, Esq. is Legal Consultant and Tax Consultant. Safeguard was founded by Robert Hubbard.

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