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The erroneous notion that one must let an administrator have control of her IRA has caused thousands of Americans to relinquish control of their finances. Although they will be the ones to benefit from pension payments (or suffer when they are inadequate), consumers frequently back away from responsibility, believing they lack experience and adequate knowledge. Sometimes they are just lazy.

For the latter group, hiring an administrator is an obvious (if not always wise) choice. Besides the fact that these consumers do not control their investment, there is also the risk of hiring an incompetent custodian.

There have been cases of custodian fraud and mismanagement, while the Better Business Bureau and various financial groups keep investors informed of the best custodians and traders to do business with.

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For the group that thinks itself inept, self-directed IRAs are not as complicated as they believe. With assistance from a group like iDirect Law the subject of retirement becomes interesting; so much so that consumers want to be more active in growing their retirement policies.

Among the several roles an investment company can take, iDirect Law does not fall into the usual ones. They are not traders and do not act as custodians, so what to do they do?

Who is iDirect Law?

This group based in Las Vegas, Nevada, offers support to clients who want to open LLC IRAs: otherwise known as cheque book IRAs. iDirect Law, formerly known as Guidant Self-Directed IRA, is not a precious metals trader or stock broker.

Their job is to support clients who want to rollover a pension fund into a self-directed IRA. Their recommended custodians are Provident Trust Group.

Talk to them about the products you want to add to an LLC, but they do not promote anything. All they say is that an LLC IRA allows clients to invest in less traditional products.

What is an LLC?

An LLC is a Limited Liability Company. A group or an individual can open this type of small “business” and buy shares in it.

The reason this works as an IRA is that the LLC (IRA) qualifies as a small business, meaning consumers can save money for retirement by injecting funds straight into the IRA as an investment without transferring fees or paying someone else to look after it.

Some people use a similar system to roll their 401ks into LLCs for the purpose of starting small firms, not to create pension funds.

Some Pros and Cons for Review

iDirect Law points out that a lawyer is probably needed to make this legal which will add to the costs of this process considerably. LLC’s can also be subject to high state taxes or start-up fees. One might not be able to cover all members with limited liability either.

Consumers are disqualified from opening an LLC IRA in a number of complicated ways, so a portion of the population will be unable to make this transition. One cannot, for instance, own 10% or more in an IRA LLC already or be an owner, director, or officer. Fiduciaries (those who hold investments in trust) of the IRA are ineligible.

As for the eligible sector of society, if they live in a generous state their tax situation will be good. They can fund an IRA using precious metals, bonds, and the usual products and not be subject to high fees. This is still an IRA, so it is registered with a custodian. As for what goes into that trust, the owner is fully in charge.

Owning an LLC IRA encourages the consumer to take a proactive interest in his retirement plan. Too many Americans assume the financial experts who look after their money are qualified, competent, and have their best interests at heart.

Why take risks?

It is already obvious that thousands of Americans will either have to live off far less than they hope when their retirement plans mature unless they do something radical quickly.

Fees from iDirect Law

Most of the fees iDL customers pay will be related to specific products. Even though iDirect Law specializes in setting up self-directed IRAs they offer a variety of services. Apart from those allocated service fees, iDirect Law charges a $105 setup fee.

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