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You will notice that the term ‘Gold IRA’ comes up frequently as a product option on most gold dealing companies’ websites.

If a company deals in gold, they often offer Gold IRAs. This means they help you to include physical gold or other precious metals in your retirement fund by moving a 401(k) into an IRA account or transferring IRA investments into precious metals.

A Gold IRA doesn’t limit you to just gold or precious metals as you can include all your other traditional investments in it as well. You cannot include precious metals in a standard IRA, however.

Some gold companies have either dedicated departments or custodians on staff who will take care of the entire Gold IRA setting up procedure for you as well as offering advice on such matters as the tax advantages and how to arrange storage of the gold within your IRA in an approved depository.

A Gold IRA enables you to invest in gold without any out of pocket cost, since you are using funds already locked up in a retirement plan (and often funds that are not performing as well as you had hoped).

Click on this link for more information about Gold IRAs and the reasons why they are becoming increasingly popular nowadays.

Tips For Choosing Gold Companies

The trend in buying gold is growing rapidly, and very much in line with the pace that fears about the economy are increasing due to global unrest. Disruption and civil war all over the world impact the value of the American dollar as the US government gets itself involved, and markets have historically always been affected by conflict and change.

This has always been the way of the world, yet somehow the current shift in favor of gold is almost unprecedented, at least in more recent times. In the past it has been more governments and large institutions that have run to the safe haven of gold, but nowadays it is possible for individual investors to do the same.

So, if you decide to join the wave of gold-hungry investors, how and where are you going to buy this precious metal? How are you going to sift through the ever growing list of gold companies out there all plying for your business?…

Tip #1 – Caveat Emptor

Most gold companies have an online presence even if only to announce that they are trading. This is not necessarily a sign that you can trust them as any company can create a website.

They can, and mostly do, all make claims about being the best, the number one, or the most trustworthy dealers in precious metals. Statements like these are not always backed by fact unfortunately (although sometimes they are). Let’s face it, a company is not going to write anything negative about itself, is it?

Caveat emptor is never more relevant than when you deal with internet organizations, especially if you are planning to spend thousands, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Tip #2 – Get The Best Out of Gold Companies’ Websites

The number of gold dealing companies is growing all the time, just as internet options are growing. If you choose not to do your own research and instead prefer to rely upon the recommendation of a financial advisor, it is still prudent to take advantage of internet resources to find out more about who or what they are recommending to you.

Letting your advisor handle the bulk of the work is what he is paid for, but it would be unwise to enter the business of investing without knowing something about what you are investing in! Take the time to check out the dealer that is being recommended to you a bit. The quickest and easiest way is to head for their website.

A lot of gold dealers post news or links to the latest news about precious metals on their websites in addition to providing information about themselves.  Some post graphs showing the movement of gold over a period of time. Usually these charts are customizable, and some will even allow you to compare gold’s movement historically against stocks, bonds, shares, and other metals. Many Companies create and post educational videos such as ‘Gold 101′  or ‘IRA Rollover’ type tutorials.

Taking a look at a company’s website will often give you a feel for them and an indication of their philosophy. A company that is prepared to invest time and money in educating their potential customers clearly has a different philosophy to one that just wants to beat their own chests and do nothing more than promote their products and services.

A company’s website is just the starting point for online research however. Scroll further down this page to find out about independent sources that you can go to for performance data and third party (customer) reviews.

Tip #3 – Familiarise Yourself With The Products On Offer

When you purchase real, physical gold it arrives as coins, bullion, or bars.

Numismatic coins are collectible, rare items from before 1933. The list of products sold over the internet in this category is small and affordable per unit: you want a specialist dealer if your interest is antique coins of extraordinary value. These are not so much valuable for their gold content as for their rarity and desirability at auction.

Gold can be relatively stable much of the time. If you buy into the market when it is low, there is more chance of its value rising than falling.

This is not the case if you buy gold mining shares. Like stocks in oil companies and coffee bean farms, these go up and down, often quite dramatically. Their price is governed by factors such as management performance, local mining conditions including political stability, and the overall performance of the stock market rather than just the prevailing price of gold. In theory shares could become worthless, but that scenario is extremely unlikely with physical metals.

Tip #4 – Undertake Independent Research

As already mentioned above you cannot always believe what a Company says or posts on its own website. That is why independent research is prudent. Here are 3 independent consumer advocacy sites which have strong reputations:

About Better Business Bureau

About Business Consumer Alliance

About Trustlink

We have used these resources ourselves to do our research and have included our findings from these in our reviews.

Tip #5 – Take a Shortcut

We have done the bulk of the research for you! CLICK HERE to check out our comprehensive reviews, here on this site, of a whole host of different gold companies.

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