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In 2006, Heritage Gold Group was founded in Woodland Hills, California. Less than a decade is not very long to establish a solid reputation, although it would be plenty of time for consumers and members of one’s field to decide an investment business had a poor one.

Reputation & Ratings

Fortunately for Heritage Gold Group, there is no reason to doubt they will enjoy their 10th anniversary and many more. Reviews from customers applaud Heritage Gold Group and name several associates whose knowledge and support they appreciate.

Is There a Downside to Heritage Gold Group?

So far there are few complaints: in fact, just one at the Better Business Bureau page for Heritage Gold Group. If anything, Heritage Gold Group needs some more reviews on various sites besides Trustlink.

The Better Business Bureau Recognizes Professionalism

Heritage Gold Group A+ BBBEven though they were accredited just two years ago, Heritage Gold Group has been awarded an A+ by the BBB.

This precious metals dealer has, however, been operating long enough for these business monitors to determine whether or not they are legitimate and how they do business.

So far there are no obstacles standing between Heritage Gold Group and full marks.

A Business Consumer Alliance Report

Heritage Gold Group AAA BCAThe same story repeats itself at the BCA where Heritage Gold Group receives an AAA grade: the highest score possible.

Companies with A and AA ratings are doing very well, but triple-A companies are outstanding in their industry. They follow all licensing requirements, advertise ethically, and are not dogged by complaints.

The Trustlink Connection

Up until this point, one might still be lacking that significant piece: reviews from clients. The Better Business Bureau has not received any positive or negative reviews.

The Business Consumer Alliance posts just one — a 5-star rating by a happy customer.

Heritage Gold Group TrustlinkOnce you arrive at Trustlink, however, the story is different.

Almost 80 people have written to tell Trustlink what they think of Heritage Gold Group. They express their gratitude towards the dealers and agents here who have steered them on the right course to realizing growth in their pensions, or even just for being excellent to do business with.

Sensible people know that a dealer in precious metals is playing an educated hunch the same as everyone else. He does not possess a crystal ball and cannot be held responsible for losses customers incur. That is why Heritage Gold Group and others post a clear outline of company policies. This is protection against the customer who believes he was misinformed. With regulations in black and white, no one can make that kind of claim stick.

Clients are simply impressed by the service they received, the low-pressure techniques, and an enjoyable experience. Spending money on gold and silver investments was actually fun in some cases. Customers plan to engage in repeat business with Heritage Gold Group and Goldco. This is where confusion enters.

Why Do Reviews Mention Goldco?

Heritage Gold Group is a precious metals dealer. They help consumers roll 401ks into gold IRAs, but a custodian ultimately looks after the IRA. At Heritage Gold Group they work with Goldco, so numerous customers refer to this company as well as, or instead of, Heritage Gold Group. These two companies are independent of each other but clearly well-chosen as partners in the alternative IRA sector.

Gold and Silver IRAs are all the rage in today’s market place. Americans must be careful: trends go out of fashion for a reason.

Is the craze for precious metals about to fizzle out? Should Americans really back their pension funds with investments in gold accounting for anything up to one quarter? Read what Heritage Gold Group has to say about the debate.

Debate over Gold and Silver

Not every investment company is thrilled about precious metals. Some of these companies encourage the purchase of precious metals, but they refuse to promote them by making readers afraid of an economic collapse.

Some investors believe gold and silver are okay, but they could be about as lucrative as low-return municipal bonds which make very little money and very slowly. Their worth is often more as a safety net than as a way to grow funds, so your opinion on the matter depends on your position on inflation.

Moreover, a number of IRA custodians will not deal with Gold IRAs. It seems not everyone is a fan, and there are numerous products one can purchase to fund an IRA besides silver, gold, palladium, and titanium.

Some bonds (church, state school), shares in private businesses, and certain real estate investments are also permitted. The IRS lists approved investments for IRAs in full.

HeritageGoldGroup.comLearn at Heritage Gold Group

Consumers who succeed in earning interest from wise investments read extensively from many sources. Heritage Gold Group writes about the history of precious metal IRAs starting in 1998 and explains why gold is so coveted.

Gold is a tangible investment which is not just worth a figure on paper, not when you own actual coins and bullion as opposed to shares in mining corporations or ETFs. They call gold a “tangible way to preserve wealth” and silver the “sister metal to gold.” Silver is not as valuable as its big brother, but the movement of silver on market graphs follows a similar path.

About IRA-Approved Coins

One element of the website this reviewer appreciated was product descriptions. Coins are described in detail such as the Silver American Eagle. Struck in 1986 as a domestic source of silver bullion, this coin is 0.999% pure.

The figure of Liberty is taken from a carving on coins which circulated from 1916 to 1947. In this case, Heritage Gold Group offers a bit of history, however, short, to whet readers’ appetite for more.

Heritage Gold Group Review: The Catalogue

Heritage Gold Group does not post a catalogue but offers two products: silver coins and gold coins. Numismatic collectors will want to contact another dealer.

Call Heritage Gold Group for pricing and fees: they want to talk to you. Get your questions ready and prepare yourself for a sales pitch.

If you feel their fees compare positively with those quoted by other firms, set up an account. With the money in place, you are set to buy coins at the price you are quoted without having to wait for funds to clear. And do not worry: this business has established itself with consumers and watchdogs already.

Reviews for Heritage Gold Group

Since 2012, Heritage Gold Group has been registered with the BBB, receiving an A+ rating. No complaints or reviews are listed there.

About 75 reviews are published by Heritage Gold Group customers on TrustLink, referring to associates by name and telling readers how great the company is to work with. Comments pertain to professionalism, customer service, friendliness, and more.

Reviews from Heritage Gold Group

Traders and other financial agencies do not operate in a bubble. They partner with other businesses who handle different aspects of buying and selling gold or holding a retirement account. Heritage Gold Group will not act as your IRA custodian: they are traders.

Ask them for a recommendation and Heritage Gold Group suggests Equity, a firm with longevity behind it. They also recommend Delaware Depository for storage of IRA investments.

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