Hard Assets Alliance

Do you want to invest in hard currency to protect your finances from the downhill slide of America’s economy? Download an investment kit from Hard Assets Alliance and find out how to protect yourself the way so many other Americans are protecting their pensions for the near or distant future. Read what authors Jeff Clark, Justin Spittler, and Jason Sampognaro have to say about investing.

HardAssetsAlliance.comWhat is Hard Assets Alliance?

Hard Assets Alliance is an alliance (just like the name says) of many businesses. They include Casey Research, Maulden Economics, Sovereign Man, BAD Media Group, and Peak Prosperity. They are all behind this organization and have come up with a way to secure one’s investment without keeping it in a bank deposit box or home safe, or even off-shore.

Where Can I Store My bullion?

It used to be a problem to open an off-shore account for one’s physical metal storage. One could make it happen, but there were many hoops to jump through. Hard Assets Alliance eases the process, enabling clients to have their precious metals stored in Zurich, New York, Australia, London, or Salt Lake City.

One must realize that IRA funds have to be stored in a facility approved by the IRS. IRA currency is not a personal holding, although it belongs to the IRA holder. Hard Assets Alliance promises the best security at these vaults in the United States and internationally.

Fill out an IRA application and take the hassle out of opening a Gold IRA. Hard Assets Alliance takes the work out of this process, allowing Americans to transfer their 401k funds to purchase gold as a way to protect retirement finances.

Purchase Precious Metals at Hard Assets Alliance

The only things the people at Hard Assets Alliance sell are precious metals, bullion specifically. There are no rare coins like Peace Dollars to purchase as they are not eligible for IRA investments. Hard Assets Alliance sells gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

Prices at Hard Assets Alliance

Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium prices are available for investors to read live on the internet (the site shows these daily). Hard Assets Alliance uses price collection software to call in all the prices available from competing investment companies so that the company knows how low they have to go and the viewer knows he is getting the best prices available for his various types of bullion.

How does Hard Assets Alliance manage to offer great price? Bulk buying makes this dream a reality. As with any commodity, being able to buy in volume brings the price per unit to a lower rate.

From the Business Community

Business researchers and investigators at the Better Business Bureau cannot say a lot about Hard Assets Alliance: not a lot of good or bad: these are early days.

A business alliance of this kind is unusual and promising because so many companies have put their reputations on the line. Who are the main players, though? To whom would one look for answers should problems surface?

At the Top

The Hard Assets Alliance website does not offer a description of their executive team. The firm could do a better job of presenting this information on the website. Consider their unique company, however, and the advantages of working with a financial alliance.

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