Guidant Financial

Guidant Financial is a financial investment company specializing in providing innovative financing for small businesses. The company has a mission to increase the number of people that run successful small businesses.

Founded in 2003, the company helps people to utilize their retirement funds to fund businesses and small franchises through a variety of funding options. Today, the company is regarded as an industry leader in the field of small business financing. The company offers a collection of funding solutions, such as unsecured loans, SBA loans, portfolio loans, equipment leasing, and rollover as business startups (ROBS). Guidant Financial is a BBB-accredited company, having received its accreditation in 2004. Guidant Financial has been given the highest rating of A+ by BBB which goes to show that it operates within the highest standards.

Reputation & Ratings

Since 2004, Guidant Financial of Bellevue, Washington, has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Their business is helping Americans form their own small companies, becoming their own bosses and taking control of their financial and personal futures in the meantime.

A Reputation for Being Different

There is such great satisfaction to becoming one’s own boss besides the opportunity to escape an unsatisfying job or economic hardship. Consumers who become employers also control their own pension funds. They create the opportunity to make a positive working environment for other people and to help them escape the kind of drudgery they remember.

Small businesses support their communities. Guidant started with a unique premise: use retirement funds, especially 401k plans, to fund a business startup. The process is quick and not taxable right away. What kind of reputation has Guidant Financial established with the Bellevue community since bringing their dream to life?

Starting on the Dark Side

To every star there is a dark side. This award-winning organization has received complaints, one from an individual whose small business folded but fees were still due and demands were made. To understand who is at fault in situations like these, one must know the full story and the reader is not privy to that entire tale. While the consumer might have a legitimate reason to complain, his perspective is possibly clouded by the emotions of seeing his business go under while still being liable to pay certain fees.

The Better Business Bureau Gives Guidant a Thumbs-Up

Guidant Financial BBBWhere the Better Business Bureau is concerned, Guidant earns an A+. Accredited by the BBB in 2004, listed complaints for the past three years amount to seven: 1 regarding billing and collections and 6 to do with products and services.

Where percentages are concerned, this is less than 1% and not unexpected. People make mistakes, and maybe Guidant was guilty of a few. These are resolved complaints.

Business Consumer Alliance and Trustlink: No Report

Guidant is not listed by the BCA or Trustlink. Clients share their views about this firm via other media, including the company website. Several clients have submitted their stories and some pictures for the benefit of audiences. Readers might even have experience dealing with their businesses. They can call or visit these companies and see for themselves the difference the experts at Guidant made in realizing individuals’ dreams. Now they know how ordinary people with limited incomes start companies of their own.

Award-Winning Comany

As mentioned above, Guidant has won awards and been featured by a number of organizations besides those you would automatically go looking for during your research. Not only are they reputable, but as employers Guidant is great to work for. The Seattle Met voted their office among the best places to work in 2013. They are a VET FRAN Preferred Provider, and were Champion Small Business Influencers in 2011. Guidant is affiliated with Inc. 5000 and the IFA. Mainstream financial media has turned them into small-business heroes between their pages. A few bad reports one way or the other at this time in their careers will do little to tarnish an otherwise excellent reputation.

guidantfinancial.comWhy Guidant Financial?

If you are looking for a company with specialty in enabling 401(K) rollovers, then Guidant Financial is a highly recommended company. With a primary focus of helping small business entrepreneurs offering a full suite of products and services as a financial firm, Guidant Financial specializes in converting 401K’s.

The company has so far financed over 8,000 entrepreneurs and helped in the creation of over 50,000 jobs in the US. With over $3 billion invested by clients, the company has a lot of experience in financing small business solutions.

The company claims that they will stand behind you 100% in case of an IRS audit. They even offer to send out a press release to announce the opening of your business operations, as an additional bonus. The Guidant Financial customer service team also keeps IRS-compliant files for providing you with an annual business valuation.

The company offers services such as audit protection, external legal counsel, in-house customer service, customized press releases, IRS-compliant track record, yearly business valuation, on-site lending specialists and specialized staff.

In order to get started with Guidant Financial, you can fill in your details on their website by choosing from the existing options available and an expert consultant will get in touch with you to discuss your options for business or franchise financing.

Guidant Financial Review

Guidant Financial is a well-regarded and highly respected investment company. While they have a generally good image, there have been some negative reviews and complaints plaguing the company as well. Most complaints and criticisms are related to the lack of products and poor customer service of the company, though the company has sought to resolve a majority of its issues. Over the years, the company has also won a number of awards and industry recognitions for their various business achievements — recognition from industry experts is always a positive sign for any company.

While Guidant Financial has an A+ rating with the BBB, it should not be the sole focus of your decision to pick it as your investment company of choice as these accreditations are based on a number of factors. While the company is a good solution for those looking for small business financing, it is important to do comprehensive research before finally deciding that Guidant Financial is the right company for you.

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