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Goldworth Financial uses its website to advertise the “evidence” that the US Dollar is under threat and paper investments are undermined. Since 2008, writes Goldworth Financial, gold and silver have outperformed just about every other investment.

In their opinion, every investor should own enough gold or silver. About 7% to 18% of a portfolio should contain precious metals. Why should you buy gold? Why trust Goldworth Financial? Read this Goldworth Financial review and decide for yourself if the company’s statements are fair.

Goldworth.comA Mood of Fear

In some ways, the home page suffers from a tendency towards drama. The articles and videos used to promote gold from your first look at Goldworth Financial are taken out of context.

A reasonable approach would be to view articles about inflation and foreigners buying US gold next to those which present the other side: a more cautious and less fearful perspective.

Why Own Gold?

One reason to own gold is that consumers can do so in privacy. This means they do not have to report a purchase of gold to the IRA the way they would have to report most other investments or earnings.

Gold and silver do not lose their intrinsic value or go into debt and usually show high returns when the dollar is weak. Read the table of currencies on Goldworth Financial’s right-hand sidebar and follow those charts over time.

You can see that America’s dollar can drop to below the value printed on a paper bill. Silver and gold (especially numismatic coins) are worth their face value plus a premium representing their collectible value in the market place.

Silver, palladium, and titanium are also highly coveted for industrial reasons. Even if the United States Dollar loses its footing and the economy falls apart, someone holding these precious metals has a commodity to trade with that is always worth its weight, possibly more. However you feel about the likelihood of hyper-inflation, these statements are true.

How to Choose Precious Metals

Goldworth Financial specializes in trading precious metals, so they go to some effort to describe desirable products. Graded coins, for instance, are allotted a high premium over the spot price, a premium that can change.

These are professionally graded coins bearing a code indicative of their monetary worth. The number always starts with MS (Mint State) leading to a number from 60 to70, higher numbers being more valuable.

Goldworth Financial wisely stops short of making claims that numismatic coins are exempt from confiscation (a point of debate among investment experts), instead stating a verifiable fact: these coins have not been recalled in the past. They are also confidential investments whether you buy or sell them.

Silver coins of note include the Peace, Morgan, Canadian Maple Leaf, and Mexican Libertad. Gold coins to watch for are the $10 Indian and $20 Saint Gaudens (US), Swiss or Belgium Franc, French Angel, Germany Marks, and Italian Lire.

Account Types at Goldworth Financial

The types of accounts available at GF are Precious Metals IRAs and Precious Metals as straight purchases, not rolled into retirement savings. If you choose to invest in a gold-backed IRA, GF will have your metals stored at First State Depository. One cannot possess physical gold in anything other than an approved depository if it is used to back an IRA (not self-directed).

Gold vs. Gold Stocks

It is important for consumers to realize that while gold will hold its tradeable value if the dollar plummets, gold stocks and ETFs are riskier investments. Stocks run the risk of losses due to mismanagement, the rising price attached to mining, loss of metal resources, or company bankruptcy.

There are many obstacles between the consumer and actual gold. ETFs can be hurt by incorrect leverage and do not permit the investor to physically own the gold: just a stock in gold.

Owning actual gold, as GF makes clear here, is always safer. With greater risk there are potentially more gains to be made, but the possible losses could be frightening.

About Goldworth Financial

The company was incorporated in 1999 and was accredited by the BBB in 2009. The Better Business Bureau gives them an A+. They are also registered with the CME group, New York and Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and IPMI. GF has direct access to markets in Europe, eliminating the problem of high markups experienced when consumers must set up foreign accounts.

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