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GoldStar Trust has a ring to it that recommends this company right off the bat. Does a GoldStar Trust review support their claim to be the nation’s leader in self-directed IRAs? Examine them more closely; see what they have to offer. GoldStar is different, certainly, but in a good way?

Reputation And Ratings

In the state of Texas, the word “star” is applied to a lot of businesses. GoldStar Trust acts as trustee of alternative IRAs or self directed IRAs, as they are otherwise known. Their reputation is good among investors who often choose GoldStar Trust Company as the single or one of a group of possible custodians for their gold investors.

Finding reviews online is a bit more challenging, especially for the consumer referring to the Better Business Bureau and other favorite sites. Customers might be tempted to wonder if inter-business recommendations are all they are going to get.

Looking for Complaints

Such a lack of presence on the internet has the potential to work against GoldStar Trust. Although this means there are no complaints to read, it also makes it tough for consumers to examine good features of the firm through objective eyes.

Looking for the Better Business Bureau Grade

GoldStar Trust BBBAccording to the BBB, GoldStar Trust Company is not accredited.

They did not seek accreditation and the Better Business Bureau possesses insufficient information to supply a grade. There are also no reviews or complaints and the BBB site posts nothing of importance.

A tip to the wary investor, rather than abandoning GoldStar Trust Company, is to type their name into a Google search and see what comes up. This will lead you to the Better Business Bureau rating for Happy State Bank and Trust Company Headquarters in Amarillo, Texas. GoldStar Trust Company’s rating comes under this heading.

Happy State Bank and Trust Company Headquarters received an A+ from the Better Business Bureau. There have been just three complaints against the firm in three years: one each regarding advertising and sales, delivery, and products and services. This institution has been in existence for a long time so their reputation is solid.

Looking for a Business Consumer Alliance Rating

Using this method of searching for GoldStar Trust Company, one should find them at the Business Consumer Alliance website, but they do not appear. The BCA has nothing to say about this firm to their detriment but also nothing to indicate whether they follow proper licensing agreements, acceptable advertising strategies, or are under investigation. One would hope that such problems would surface on the BBB website if there were any.

Trustlink Reviews: Anything Here?

There is nothing written about GoldStar Trust Company on the Trustlink site either: no bad reports and no good ones. How is one to assess the reputation and trustworthiness of a business without these guideposts? Where are comments from consumers? Potential clients will have to address this problem by referring to comments on the website or asking the company for referrals which is totally acceptable business practice.

goldstartrust.comRead the Website

Trust your instincts which will no doubt tell you that GoldStar Trust Company is a business dedicated to people. Their job is to help clients make alternative IRA investments in precious metals, church funds, and niche markets of various kinds. Every team member’s direct email is listed: they want customers to get in touch. Such openness is sure to inspire trust and their approach depicts an honest group of professionals.

Business Transparency: What Customers Demand

One thing you should really like about the GoldStar Trust website is the transparency of it all. There are pages of details relating to fees for each type of transaction, introducing consumers to their staff, and loads of educational material. You will probably want more information and would be advised to seek it from objective sources, but GoldStar Trust makes a good start.

Look at the faces of professionals who will be handling your money: they are not hiding behind fabulous graphics and fear tactics about the demise of America’s currency. They are proud enough of their business to put their names and faces behind it and submit their contact details individually.

With the name “Trust,” you might also wonder if this firm takes the same approach to investing as a “Trust” would to mainstream banking. Is their business also a mutually beneficial community, or just a brokerage? One gets the feeling that their use of the word “Trust” is not coincidental.

Products at GoldStar Trust

The product list here includes IRAs of many kinds. Select a church bond-backed IRA or a charter school-backed IRA. Select gold or real estate as the investment behind your retirement savings account. Private stocks, Swiss annuities, and non-U.S. bank accounts supply still further choices; ways to diversify your current investment portfolio as a hedge against inflation and possible losses sustained if the US Dollar crashes.

They encourage the support of small American businesses by and for Americans. Use your financial influence to encourage economic diversity even if you are not a millionaire.

What are Church Bonds?

A church bond is an investment in a sacred building. Many very large churches exist in the United States; buildings so big that thousands of people fit inside every Sunday and big-screen TVs and speakers have been staggered throughout the sanctuary so worshipers at the very back can see and hear their pastor preach and they can dance to the worship team’s music. Buildings such as these are used as convention centers and rented by both religious and secular organizations to host seminars and exhibitions. They host major conferences and bring in regular revenue from well-attended funerals and weddings.

These buildings also require substantial maintenance and rebuilding, though not on the same scale as an historic cathedral. Sometimes a small or moderate-sized congregation outgrows its current building and they require the building of an extension or a whole new structure for Sunday school classes. Members cannot afford to pay the whole sum required for this project, so a loan is taken out. If you invest in a Church Bond, interest repaid on that loan becomes the profit of everyone participating in the bond. In the meantime, one is able to support the growth of his local church.

GAMMA from GoldStar Trust

Not only does GoldStar want to sell you these products; they wish to manage them for you too. Investment groups will often point you in the right direction towards an IRA custodian, but GoldStar Trust would like to take that job and remove one more bullet point on your lengthy list of things to do (choose an investment, pick a sum, select a custodian, and open an IRA).

Precious Metals IRA

An IRA backed by precious metals takes advantage of the position metal holds in comparison to currency. The American dollar (relative to the UK pound, Euro, or even Canadian Dollar) has the potential to dip below break-even. The dominance of US currency is based on many factors, but the recent crash threw its value (and the value of American investments) into chaos.

The same did not happen to the value of gold. This and other precious metals have the capacity to take the reverse direction, and even when silver and gold are low, they are not as reduced as the dollar. Consumers have historically had faith in gold and silver when they were less certain of dollar bills.

Choosing silver, gold, palladium, or titanium as the medium for financial stability and growth is becoming fashionable. Many companies wish to show consumers how to make this possibility a reality.

The usual IRA was invested in stocks, bonds, and real estate. While it is still possible to choose mainstream routes for one’s money at GoldStar Trust, they also show customers how to branch out into precious metals such as those above.

What is GAMMA?

GAMMA is GoldStar Trust’s name for custodial accounts. Receive online statements, monthly distribution of earnings, and use this as a single location from which to disperse your investments. When earnings arrive in your account, re-direct them straight from here without opening a new account.

A GAMMA account simplifies reporting and also provides clients with greater control over their money than merely handing the entire portfolio over to someone else. Their staff members are ready to assist clients as they contemplate dispersing their earnings to purchase further investment products.

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