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The “A+” rating Goldco Direct received from the BBB is there to reassure customers: this is a company you can trust with your credit card details. Their CEO, Trevor Gerszt, has written a welcoming letter to potential clients and proposes a way to prevent losing out to the pension slump: invest in gold early.

As long as there are a few years left before you must receive your retirement pension, it is not too late to recoup some losses incurred by other pension plans backed by less profitable investments than gold and silver. Retirement wealth is in the consumer’s hand, now more than was ever possible before.

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They call themselves the IRA specialists: experts at keeping Americans out of the post-retirement financial hole. Goldco Direct asserts that paper investments of all kinds are too uncertain to rely upon.

Some investments have more in common with the snail-like growth of bank accounts. Goldco Direct is not brazen enough to recommend throwing every bit of disposable income at gold, silver, or other precious metals. Advisers generally recommend transferring up to 20% of one’s investment income into silver, titanium, gold, or palladium.

Although this policy is based on the obvious risk of putting money into small businesses and real estate, as far as Goldco Direct is concerned, associates do not guess when they advise their customers what to do; they know the answers.

Bursting the Bubble

If you believe that an investment expert at Goldco Direct really can predict the future, this could lead to financial tragedy. Although their guesses are based on education in the fields of precious metals, investments, and IRAs, Goldco Direct associates cannot state as a fact that gold purchased today will be worth more in 10 years when you retire.

There is always some guesswork involved. Perhaps what they mean is that the foundation for their beliefs is based on education, but the assertion could be misread.

Gold Traders

They really can bring gold directly to their customers at Goldco Direct. They are dealers who deliver to clients or to depositories as indicated by clients.

The firm deals in collectible coins (pre-1933 or numismatic coins) such as the Indian Head Gold Coin or Liberty Head Gold Half-Eagle (an Eagle is worth $10, so a “Half-Eagle” is worth $5). Their catalogue contains class coins like $20 St Gaudens Double Eagles.

Though at face value these coins are worth $20 or $5 each, one must add collectible and rarity value to numismatic products. They will not lose their intrinsic worth (that is, their weight in gold) but are likely to sell for greater than the initial asking price when they were minted.

Each product receives a full description, enough for the novice investor or collector to glean how meaningful these coins are to posterity. Other investments include European, Canadian, and global coins and bullion. Many items are less beautiful in small numbers than in bulky, glittering heaps.

Opening a Gold IRA

Choose to open an IRA backed by precious metals and Goldco Direct will applaud your resolve to save yourself from retirement ruin. They say it takes about two weeks to rollover a pension, but at their end the process is much smoother and quicker.

More Products at Goldco Direct

As noted above, some clients are investors and some are collectors (or they combine both). Collectors purchase individual coins in small batches for the sole purpose of owning rare items, often displaying them to friends or other collectors.

Sometimes these coins end up in museums. To store and share these properly, one requires the correct boxes, holders, cleaning supplies, and resources. All such products (including books about numismatics) are available from Goldco Direct.

Promotions at Goldco Direct

Once in a while a trading firm offers special promotions, possibly discounts. Goldco Direct highlights their limited edition coins as a way to draw attention where customers would otherwise overlook anything new.

New proofs are only made in small numbers so their worth as rare coins is set to increase with each decade. Visit this heading regularly to find out what is new.

Pricing at Goldco Direct

The price for a single coin, a whole bag of coins, or bullion changes daily as the market value climbs or dips a little or a lot. Goldco Direct cannot list a price owing to these fluctuations. Call and have a chat in person.

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