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The Better Business Bureau has awarded Gold Trust Financial an A+, and they do not hand those awards out like chocolate coins. In the investment industry, an A+ from the Better Business Bureau is an important symbol of legitimacy. With only two complaints against them (both closed), Gold Trust Financial had set the bar high. There are no actions against Gold Trust Financial and no questions have been raised about their advertising strategies.

For the IRA Customer

Fill out an application online and Gold Trust Financial will get you started with your gold IRA (or other precious metal). They recommend either Sterling Trust or Pensco Trust Co. If the customer provides details of another firm, Gold Trust Financial will send her application form to that business. If a client already works with a custodian who is not willing to take custody of a precious metals IRA, a transfer will be completed between these professionals. This is a smooth transition for the customer.

GoldTrustFinancial.comGold Trust Financial Review

Ted Root is CEO of Gold Trust Financial, with Roger Peikin as Chairman. The firm, with its office in Santa Monica, California, was founded in 1991 and employs fewer than 20 people. Their purpose is to educate the public about their opportunity to buy precious metals as the investment platform to secure their retirement savings or to arrange physical distribution of gold to clients who want the security of owning gold they can access at any time.

Gold in an IRA is not held in one’s personal inventory but is kept at a secure, IRS-approved location. Numerous clients prefer to hold their own gold somewhere access is easy or even instantaneous in the event of an economic emergency.

Each client is assigned to a personal account representative: potential customers are invited to watch a video to see how this works.

Gold Trust Financial posts market news of recent date and some articles from recent years which always pertain to the topic of precious metals one way or the other, even if the starting point is oil or the US dollar. Ted Root wrote a lot of them. In other words, his professional view is bound to promote gold.

If every financial adviser recommended that investors buy gold, there would be none left in circulation, so readers know this is one suggestion among many. The blog is meant to convince consumers to possess personal holdings to some extent.

Buy Precious Metals

There is an online catalogue but no pricing, and the catalogue is relatively small. New investors will find this simplicity approachable, but prices are omitted. Clients must call, email, or fax to determine the price above spot price offered by Gold Trust Financial.

Always be aware of the spot price by following live fluctuations in the value of your chosen precious metal. Check several sites so you know what a competitive markup looks like. Apprise yourself of shipping fees and costs for each service from competitors as something to compare Gold Trust Financial prices with.

Besides promising to educate the public about the value of gold as a retirement hedge fund or to promote wealth available to anyone, the firm also promises to provide excellent customer service.

One closed complaint reported in full by the Better Business Bureau indicates that this business really does go to pains to provide the best experience for customers. This is one of those instances when having a complaint to deal with actually does the business favor. Gold Trust Financial’s response became an opportunity to showcase their skills at conflict management and customer care.

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