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Buy and sell your precious metals from Gainesville Coins where they offer charts, news, and even something called GCTV. This is like a blog about precious metals, but on video. Theirs is a truly multi-media, high-tech business.

Reputation & Ratings

Gainesville Coins, located in Lutz, Florida, is a precious metals trader among many. Advertisements from numerous such companies on radio, TV, and the internet promote purchases of gold and silver as a means of protecting one’s wealth, especially upon retirement.

Financial experts make it sound like precious metals are the only things standing between a wealthy retirement and an uncomfortable one. Alongside numerous excellent reports about how precious metals have saved retirees with poorly performing 401ks from enduring old-age in penury, a number of Americans have experienced fraud or just plain bad customer service.

What sort of reputation has Gainesville Coins established? The following portion of this article will take a look.

Complaints against Gainesville Coins

Of 37 complaints on the Better Business Bureau website, 2 referred to advertising and sales, 2 were in regard to billing and collections, 13 referred to products and services, but 20 had to do with delivery.

Gainesville Coins BBB Complaints

That is a fairly wide spread, and it is interesting that delivery issues were most prominent. Usually, delivery is on time, while the contents of a package might give rise to a dispute.

After taking a close look at many of the complaints leveled against Gainesville Coins, it appears that most of them had more to do with inexperienced customers making simple mistakes because they failed to read the company’s policies.

Even when those policies were in black and white, certain customers would argue the point. Some of them did not realize what to expect and were taken by surprise.

Many complained about things which, had they read the small print, were made clear ahead of time. Gainesville Coins does not appear to be guilty of pulling the wool over anyone’s eyes. Their policies are transparent if one only looks at them.

The BBB posts some customer complaints, Gainesville Coins responses, further comments from customers, and what Gainesville Coins said next. These volleys make for interesting reading.

The Better Business Bureau and Gainesville Coins

GainesVille Coins BBBIn spite of their 37 complaints, Gainesville Coins has been operating long enough and to a high enough standard to receive an A+.

As you know, if you have read a lot of Better Business Bureau reviews, these are not handed out willy-nilly. Many similar companies are graded “A,” “A -,” or are given no grade at all.

Take a good look at what the Better Business Bureau has to say: it is one of few resources one can refer to where Gainesville Coins is concerned.

Gainesville Coins TrustlinkThe BCA and Trustlink: Not Cited

Gainesville Coins does not list a TrustLink rating or the Business Consumer Alliance’s score on their website because the company has not received one. Though in business long enough to rate highly with the Better Business Bureau, it is possible the business has fallen below the other organizations’ radar.

Not being rated is not a sign that the firm is mismanaged or provides poor service. If this was the case, either organization could simply post a poor rating alongside all of the negative comments customers would have to offer.

Remember that clients do not always tell the world about their experiences with a company, good or bad. For every review posted online, there are probably ten clients who did not report on any of these websites.

Some Strong Points from Other Rating Sites

Be thankful that other organizations also post customer reviews including some which are dedicated to exposing rip-offs. One or two devote their web-space to gold and silver traders. Gainesville Coins is highly recommended on one of these pages where they receive 5 stars out of 5.

Among characteristics receiving praise were the no-commission customer service agents working for Gainesville Coins. When customer service associates are salaried, there is no pressure on them. They can do what their title suggests: simply serve customers.

With no one breathing down their necks, there is no panic to pressure clients into spending more than they had planned or to use sales tactics that, while legal, are not necessarily ethical. That will not happen here.

Besides friendly and patient customer service, Gainesville Coins has a reputation for stocking a large selection of coins. Their clients include coin collectors as well as investors. Most of the time, clients will enjoy a great business experience with no hidden fees and transparent transaction policies.

GainesvilleCoins.comAbout Gainesville Coins

Gainesville Coins is one of the largest precious metals dealers internationally. They have received five stars from the NIA: National Inflation Association. They have no reviews from Trustlink posted, and as aforementioned, have achieved an “A+” rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Numismatic coins are their specialty. Log on for a live chat with an associate and talk about pre-1933 coins: which ones are most scarce and valuable to serious collectors.

At Gainesville Coins, they offer tremendous security with more than 200 cameras, generators to protect against a power outage (natural or man-made), and many servers to ensure 24/7 account availability to customers. All of this technology protects customers and Gainesville Coins’s assets so that if they say a coin is in stock it really is.

Gainesville Coins Review: Services

Gainesville Coins primarily buys and sells coins and bullion. They keep stock at their secure facility so when an order is placed, so long as payment is cleared, receiving that order should not take long (or seeing it shipped to your personally chosen secure facility or IRA depository).

They also operate a show room where they accept cash for transactions. Gainesville Coins is really a coin store in Lutz, Florida.

Their collection includes Art Bars and Coins: items made from silver after 1964 by private companies. These items have never been legal tender and were made to be aesthetically pleasing while also monetarily valuable. Other pre-1964 silver coins cannot usually be added to an IRA.

Name Brand products are also privately-made bars, this time from refiners such as Credit Suisse, Valcambi, and Sunshine Mint. Their price tags reflect the fineness of their silver, its weight, and companies’ excellent reputations. Few places carry these unusual and elegant pieces.

Learning Center at Gainsville Coins

Viewers and investors often know all about Name Brand and Art Bars, rounds, coins, and buffalos, and what belongs in an IRA, but many viewers do not. Their interest was sparked by a remark about the solidity of gold and silver when the economy is doing poorly.

For them, investment in coins (or of any kind) could be a boring means to financial security or a fascinating exploration of precious metals over the past two centuries. Enjoy learning about beautiful and rare currency and its history with the use of articles and infographics. Learn to be a collector for the sake of art or to secure your retirement against losses in other investment sectors.

Filters for your Financial Foray

Considerably more items are posted in the Gainesville Coins catalogue than you might first imagine were possible. Navigating all of them at once is a fruitless endeavor, so Gainesville Coins has created filters. Choose products by their weight, the metal you are interested in, by IRA-eligible commodities, numismatics, and sets.

How to Use Gainesville Coins

While the information on this site is very helpful, it does not replace the views of experts. One would be foolish to take Gainesville Coins’s word for what does or does not belong in an IRA account or what can or cannot be confiscated by the government should they ban private gold ownership, as happened more than 80 years ago. Competing companies differ on these points.

Once primary resources have been tapped, come back to Gainesville Coins with your eyes open. They have their facts straight, but in the meantime you have gleaned what is not said.

Investing in gold and silver is riskier than their site implies. They still have a lot going for them, and if you agree, Gainesville Coins is your purchase spot.

It should reassure you that their staff are salaried, not commissioned. They are not IRA custodians so any transaction you engage in will only provide you with the gold to install in your account or to open an account with another organization.

Gainesville Coins charges for shipping based on the weight and value of your order. They also take into account the destination, so Alaskan customers are bound to pay more than customers from Miami.

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