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As you consider quotes traders can offer for buying precious metals over the spot price, you might have the opportunity to read some spoken and written quotes about the value of gold and the incompetence of governments throughout history. Freedom Gold Group provides both.

Their home page lists several sayings by eminent figures from the past 2,000 years such as Cicero, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Warren Buffet. After listening to what they and many modern financial experts (especially very wealthy individuals) have to say about investing in gold, consumers are sure to find this precious metal an attractive investment.

FreedomGoldGroup.comFreedom Gold Group Review

The BBB does not rate Freedom Gold Group. They were accredited at one time: the Freedom Gold Group site says so.

Unfortunately, the site has not been updated to reflect changes in BBB policy for this region. They do not offer accreditation to gold traders operating exclusively over the internet.

Freedom Gold Group is certified by the ICTA and a member of ANA, so they are still accountable and connected.


Freedom Gold Group posts information about IRAs, gold and silver prices, and about precious metals, more particularly. Their brief spotlight on each metal indicates why they are desirable in the market place, each one for different reasons.

Silver is among the most fascinating metals among the four you can fund an IRA with (gold, silver, platinum, and palladium). Though not considered as rare as the other three and definitely not as expensive to purchase, silver is perhaps the most widely used.

Beautiful Silver

Jewelers shape it into rings, necklaces, and watches. Artisans create tableware, picture frames, combs and brush handles.

Industrial buyers choose silver for manufacturing numerous electronics, large and small. Since many of the manufacturers working with silver today are based in China, that is a significant portion of the market.

Finally, silver is a form of currency. It can be liquidated quickly and easily or used as money when cash is no longer tenable. Its value is closely linked with that of gold, reaching high and low points at around the same time but not to the same extremes. Gold is usually far more expensive than silver but supplies of raw silver are quickly running out.

Future Fears

Ownership of gold, silver, and the other precious metals is considered a safety net against inflation and other factors which unite to hold back pension funds. Even though some 401k plans left untouched are growing, their growth is slower than inflation.

When Americans retire, their pensions will be impoverished and they will have to make cutbacks. While changing one’s standard of living is hard enough, numerous Americans are looking at cutbacks like reducing food from three meals daily to only 2.

Financial writers and traders believe precious metals offer a form of freedom from investment woes and worries. They recommend that investment diversity include some stocks, perhaps bonds and funds, possibly real estate, but definitely physical metals. Owning shares in a mining company will not prevent disaster in the face of a stock market crash: only the real, tangible items will supply protection.

To open a Gold IRA, peruse the Freedom Gold Group product catalogue. They sell items that are approved for funding Independent Retirement Accounts like Traditional and ROTH IRAs. Those items include bullion and bullion coins.

One advantage to owning bullion coins is that ownership does not have to be disclosed to the IRS. Bullion ownership must be reported. Also, proof coins of modern mint have the potential to become valuable as antique and collectible coins somewhere in the future.

Many investors buy them as gifts for grandchildren to help fund their college educations. When cashed in ten years from now, they will be worth something, maybe 50% more than their purchase price.

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