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If the global purchasing power of America’s dollar was inflating, that would be one thing, but inflation means the opposite is occurring. The United States is producing more bills because their dollar buys less than it did 30 years ago.

When you read investment news and see this kind of trend, this should be a signal to ensure your investments contain precious metals: gold, silver, palladium, and platinum. Fortress Gold Group in Sherman Oaks, California, has just what you need.

BBB A+Certified and Verified

Fortress Gold Group is linked to all the right organizations: the Better Business Bureau (with an A+ rating), TrustLink (with 5 stars), ANA, PCGS, NGC (coin grading organizations), and ICTA.

Their credentials are excellent, but if these connections are not enough to satisfy you, read reviews from TrustLink and conduct your own Fortress Gold Group review, studying their website and what they offer.

FortressGoldGroup.comSome Reasons to Choose Fortress Gold Group

Fortress Gold Group lists several reasons to trust them with your investment money. One is that they provide safe storage with Brinks.

Another is their low flat rate for IRAs (Fortress Gold Group does not become custodian but facilitates the purchase). They are featured in major financial publications and have a long reputation. Fortress Gold Group offers fully insured transactions and fast shipping. Finally, the company is registered and bonded.

Fill out an online form to request a free investor kit in the mail. Study the topic of investing in precious metals. When you have read a variety of articles on the subject, both for and against, it is likely you will want to transfer some investments to buy precious metals. Of all your choices, this is one of the most secure ways to protect your pension.

Invest in a Gold IRA for Protection

Americans stand by their right to protect their families in any way necessary, including the right to use reasonable force against home invaders. What if Americans were this passionate about protecting their wealth?

There is a far greater chance of losing money in a poorly invested IRA or 401k than of being robbed, and it happens every day. Retirees wake up to the realization that inflation and unwise investing by a custodian has robbed them of their hope for a happy retirement.

Gold is not a certain investment. As history shows, gold enters a bull market then investors sell out and the price falls dramatically. There are rumblings that the market for precious metals is climbing rapidly because of inflation, but keep three things in mind.

One is that you can sell gold and transfer your IRA into some other investment if you prefer (real estate, bonds, or stocks, for example). Another is that if you establish a long-term investment in precious metals, the drop will not hurt you because you set the account up to be distributed in anything from 5 to 30 years. There will be time to catch up again.

Finally, while gold and silver should make up a portion of your portfolio, other products will also be part of your plan. When gold and silver fall, those other products will probably increase in value. A diverse investment portfolio will succeed where others fail.

How to Get Started

Once you establish that Fortress Gold Group will be your precious metals vendor, fill out an application digitally. An Fortress Gold Group specialist will get in touch with their preferred custodian who will connect with your current IRA custodian if you already have one, and the process will begin to roll funds over.

Call Fortress Gold Group to lock a price in place for your gold or silver and have funds transferred. If you are simply buying gold for personal holdings, that price will be locked for 24 hours pending clearance of funds. It might be better to open an account first so you get the price you are quoted.

Products at Fortress Gold Group

IRA-approved gold does not include old coins. The IRS allows investors to fund an Independent Retirement Account with gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion coins and bars of modern mint. They list preferred countries of origin (the United States, Canada, and in some cases Australia, South Africa, and Austria).

While you can buy Saint Gaudens and Liberty Head coins from Fortress Gold Group, these are for personal investment. Consumers are able to hold these personally; IRA coins are stored in a depository until retirement.

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