Eagle Bullion Group

Headquartered in Florida, Eagle Bullion Group is a precious metal clearing firm and finance institution. The company deals with various precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

The company also adds dealing with rare coins to its repertoire. Eagle Bullion Group is an American-based dealer of precious metals that does not have a BBB accreditation, though they are listed on the Better Business Bureau with an “A-” rating.

Eagle Bullion Group is created for individuals who are looking to diversify their financial portfolio with a physical asset. The company gives you the flexibility to diversify and remain in control of your investments — you can decide when to buy and sell your precious metals.

Like several other bullion dealers, the company recommends that 15% to 20% of your financial portfolio should be held in precious metals given the volatile market and economic conditions today.

EagleBullionGroup.comOfferings of Eagle Bullion Group

Eagle Bullion Group offers a wide-ranging collection of gold, silver, platinum and palladium for trading through multiple options. The company allows you to invest in gold-backed IRA’s.

They also enable you to roll over you 401(K) into gold assets as an investment opportunity. You can even simply set up a Roth or traditional IRA account. They also offer self-directed IRA’s should you wish to control the way your funds are being managed.

Eagle Bullion Group also prides itself on the security that it provides to its customers. When you purchase a product, the goods you purchase will be securely stored for you at an independent depository or bank.

You can choose to take delivery and ownership at any time by receiving the title to the precious metals. The metal that is stored on your behalf is not an asset of the company or the depository so in case of any financial concerns governing the entity, your precious metal investment will not be affected.

This investment is allocated to your account, providing you with online access and the ability to sell it instantly if you desire. The company allows for flexibility by enabling you to take delivery or store the precious metal at an independent depository or bank.

You can even take a loan of up to 80% of the value of the purchase from the Eagle Bullion Group. If you have taken a loan, then you can take delivery of the metal without any penalty imposed by paying back the balance loan amount. You may even wish to sell your precious metals, which you can do via a simple phone call to Eagle Bullion’s representatives.

Eagle Bullion appreciates that the United States has several time zones. So the company reflects an 11-hour trading day, which allows customers from all across the USA to transact and make purchases at convenient hours for them. The company also claims that because they trade in wholesale markets across the world, they are able to offer competitive retail pricing to their customers.

The company charges a single-time management fee which enables you to buy and sell your precious metals without encountering any additional costs on your precious metals trading. This is a good way to maximize returns and minimize risks.

Eagle Bullion Group Review

On the surface, Eagle Bullion has an interesting and informative website that offers a lot of material to investors. The company’s website claims that it provides you with 100% transparency and also claims that it has a BBB accreditation.

But further research will indicate that it is not accredited, which is a bit of a stretch on the website. The Better Business Bureau is one of the oldest accreditation companies across the globe that protects the interests of consumer, so it does not bode well for the company that it does not have a BBB accreditation.

The company also claims that 85% of their customers and their business are either through repeats or referrals. This is a little more difficult to endorse or refute. There are a number of complaints on consumer websites that indicate that customers have a lot of research to do, before investing their money with Eagle Bullion.

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