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While reading the CMI Gold & Silver dealership website, you are bound to be moved by their strong ethics. If this company is as ethical as their writing suggests, you should be dealing with them.

In their words, it is the responsibility of CMI Gold & Silver to make consumers aware of the myths and scams in investment land and protect regular people from making mistakes that could ruin them. While they clearly approve of individuals purchasing gold, caveats are in order.

cmi-gold-silver.comMyths and Mistakes

CMI Gold & Silver is referring to the tactics used by telemarketers and online sales people to promote precious metals; tactics that are deceptive and dirty. They refer to the issue of confiscation, in particular.

Far from suggesting that certain products will never be confiscated and trying to create a false sense of security in potential clients, CMI recommends that everyone be aware of confiscation rules: what the IRS says and does not say. They recommend that consumers read the details themselves and never feel pressured into buying anything before learning what does and does not qualify for exemption in the event of another gold confiscation measure.

Some sales people are telling Americans that common coins and numismatics will not be confiscated if there is a disaster. Others imply the safety of particular products. In the opinion of CMI, there is no documented assurance from the IRS which should promote these assertions.

The only negative aspect of the website is a fixation with the topic of gold confiscation, but it is a possibility if inflation leads to a financial crisis in the Treasury Department. Some experts believe the question is not so much “if” confiscation will occur but “when.”

Advice from Precious Metals Experts

CMI Gold & Silver aims to give their clients sound advice, indicating what is and is not reportable to the IRS among one’s assets, which coins are the best investments, and presenting a fuller picture of the market than most. If their website suggests anything, it is that everything you invest in carries some level of risk, including physical currency.

Comparisons between Precious Metals and Alternative Investments

During your CMI Gold & Silver review, examine not just gold and silver as they perform in the moment, but also compare precious metals to the S&P 500, Dow Jones, crude oil, and S&P Euro. This fuller picture not only shows how metals are performing today versus last year, but also how strong or weak they appear against alternatives today versus 12 months ago. You can and should make these comparisons, and when you do it will be clear why CMI wants you to buy precious metals.

Educating Everyone about Gold and Silver

Use this site as an educational portal, not just to smoke out scams but also to learn more generally about precious metal investments. Well-written essays depict the history of gold confiscation and the background of coins

The firm trades metals but is not a custodian for IRA customers. They send their clients to GoldStar Trust. Download the forms and get started.

After an account is set up, clients return to CMI to buy gold and silver bullion and numismatics. Products on their website include coins dating from 1850, like the St Gaudens and Liberty.

Their blog is regularly updated with news about investments: visit to read what experts are saying about the topic. CMI is located in Phoenix, Arizona, chosen because Arizona is the largest copper-producing state and a major silver producer.

Their firm is among the oldest dealerships of its kind in the United States. CMI was founded in 1973 by Billy Haynes who continues at the helm today.

His continued presence indicates a level of continuity which is rarely heard of in business. While this should also tell you he will near retirement one day soon, Haynes has had a long time to nurture a replacement to suit the company’s aims and customer’s needs.

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