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Depositing money in a tax-free savings account will grow your money, though slowly. The pace could be painful compared to the rate at which an investment could grow.

The biggest difference is that if an investment has the potential to earn huge dividends, the opposite is also true: safe is slow, but fast is dangerous when talking about investments. Certified Gold Exchange, an investment company specializing in precious metals, says the same thing on their website.

CertifiedGoldExchange.comFirst of All

The tone starts out like a scene from some movie about a natural disaster. Certified Gold Exchange refers to America’s “financial tsunami.”

Since 2007, investors have lost over $10 trillion dollars, they report, in the wake of a “treacherous financial storm.” It truly was a terrible time for the investment community.

While many were gambling on what they though were “sure things,” others had their money in investments traditionally considered “safe” which not only lost but lost big. This inflammatory language, however, could be said to set an emotional tone and encourage emotional purchases.

A Fair Explanation

Consumers should always be impressed when a corporation that sells an investment opportunity takes the time to report from both sides. As they say at Certified Gold Exchange, there is a potential downside to any kind of investment, and they state the risks in plain language.

Gold could lose its current value if:

• The dollar becomes too strong
• Gold is confiscated in the wake of financial disaster
• Too many investors sell their gold at the same time and flood the market
• You work with investment companies that defraud you

So even though their language is exaggerated at the start, this Certified Gold Exchange review can continue on a high note, happy to report that Certified Gold Exchange is ethical and conscientious.

Website Overview

Along the top, you see spot prices for gold and silver. They show you where gold is at right now, not a rundown of recent performances. For those, delve more deeply into the site.

Headings lead visitors to gold, silver, IRAs, and FAQs. Head to the “About Us” section where, unfortunately, no formal introductions are made.

This is a short-sighted policy adopted by many investment companies. When compared to the strategy of the other half of companies that show you who their directors are (names, faces, and sometimes email addresses so you can contact them), this other half appears more approachable and, frankly, honest than anonymous investment teams.

Yet there is nothing to suggest that Certified Gold Exchange is anything other than honest. Their Fort Worth Texas business has been in business for some time: the BBB has given them an A+ since 2003.

Know More about your Gold Trader

Certified Gold Exchange employs non-commission specialists to talk you through the complexities of investing in gold, an economic research team that analyzes the market, but does not employ account managers.

Certified Gold Exchange believes that one way to lose your money is to give it to someone else to look after. They sell customers silver, gold, or gold IRAs and expect them to manage their own accounts.

They work with licensed dealers, individuals, and institutions. Your order need only achieve their minimum ($10,000 in gold coins or 10 oz. of bullion). Investing in gold is not just for millionaires. Insured shipping is included in your price.

In the Certified Gold Exchange Catalogue

Customers approach Certified Gold Exchange when they wish to purchase gold or silver bullion, numismatics, or a Gold IRA. They come to Certified Gold Exchange to roll over a 401K into a Gold IRA or to transfer their current investments into gold. You can open as many IRAs as you want, according to Certified Gold Exchange, but all of your investments combined must not exceed the annual limit.

Some of the items on their list include the Chinese Panda, French Gold Rooster, Swiss Gold Franc, and British gold Sovereign. They carry three coins from Australia: the kangaroo, dragon, and Lunar Snake (all gold). Their $10 coins include the Indian and the Liberty. Take a look at silver dollars: the Morgan and the Peace. Purchase COMEX-approved bars.

Learn More before Buying

Although Certified Gold Exchange posts a wealth of information, there is always more to learn. A responsible investor, or one who cannot afford to sustain thousands of dollars in losses, will learn more than Certified Gold Exchange has to tell on their website.

Sign up for one or multiple free guides pertaining to relevant investments. Even more sensible is visiting other sites, though not investment companies, to learn about gold, silver, precious metals, and IRAs. Become, if not an expert, then at least knowledgeable enough to win at “Jeopardy” if the topic was “gold investments.”

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