Capital Gold Group

California breeds many successful trading organizations, especially Woodland Hills. This is home to Capital Gold Group.

This firm began in 2000, was accredited by the Better Business Bureau in 2009, and currently holds an A+ rating. They have only received a single complaint in the last year or so which they successfully closed.

Listen to the Gold Show

Johnathan Rose is no shrinking CEO violet. Where most CEOs seem to like boardrooms and desks, Rose is the host of Capital Gold Group’s Gold Show, a radio program where gold is the primary focus.

Customers know his name and his voice. Visitors to the Capital Gold Group website are invited to ask questions which will be answered during one of Rose’s programs. Johnathan Rose is also Capital Gold Group’s president.

Capital Gold Group Affiliations

Capital Gold Group is a member of the PCGS, Inc 5000, received an AAA score from BCA, and belongs to ICTA. TrustLink has awarded them five stars.

These external memberships and ratings show that Capital Gold Group aims to be accountable and visible. They should promote trust within the investment community.

Learn a Lot about Gold

There are several differences between bullion, coins, numismatic products, and the various metals available. Understand their histories, explore the benefits of holdings in coins versus bars, and consider the reasons platinum or palladium might be better or worse investments for your retirement.

All precious metals except gold are extensively useful in medical, technological, and industrial sectors. Many of them are sought after among jewelry makers.

Selecting items for investment has a lot to do with the date you plan to finish work since gold is a long-term investment prospect while silver, palladium, and platinum might follow faster cycles of growth and loss. There is no such thing as a risk-free investment in precious metals, but certain factors help one to decide which ones are best for one’s situation and expectations.

Items are explained in writing and their movements as investments are described graphically as well. Pick the market apart in depth or glance at its rhythms in chart form.

StartWithGold.comCapital Gold Group Review: the Website

Arriving at a catalogue of products was no easy feat. It required some searching and perseverance and should not have been so difficult.

When arriving at the catalogue, there were many products to choose from. Customers can purchase pre-1933 coins (items minted before private gold was confiscated). These are not eligible for investments in registered retirement savings plans but are still worthwhile holdings for collectors and private investors.

Clients are not required to report ownership of pre-1933 coins to the IRS. Some financial experts believe this ensures they will not be confiscated if confiscation of private holdings takes place.

Modern mintages of silver and gold coins and bars were listed. Prices were available by phone, presumably because they change daily. Once the reader arrives at a product list and selects an item, descriptions are extensive.

Learn about an individual coin’s history and composition before calling for a price. Opt to take delivery of coins or arrange for an IRA setup or rollover with precious metals to back your retirement plan.

Customer Service for Everyone

Read reviews regarding some companies and you begin to wonder if certain firms are elitist. Naïve readers will be astonished to discover that wealthy investors spending large sums with traders sometimes receive the best service. Lowly working class Americans are occasionally treated with only the barest civility.

Clients at Capital Gold Group seem to know this is true elsewhere and respect the fact that Capital Gold Group plays the game differently. Regular people buying small amounts of gold or silver are shown as much respect as billionaires. Agents are patient, helpful, and friendly with ordinary people spending what little they can spare for investment.

Customer service representatives guide clients through complicated procedures like rolling a 401k into an IRA. They earn repeat business and long-term clients. Positive ratings posted on TrustLink include several recent transactions: Capital Gold Group maintains a consistently high level of expertise and customer service.

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