CamaPlan offers Americans a chance to re-invest in their retirements using a new plan. Instead of sticking with the staid and under-performing investments their administrators have used to back their 401(k) or IRA schemes, CamaPlan helps these consumers think outside the box or encourages those who already lean that way to embrace bigger and better choices.

Some Eligible Investments

Self Directed plans can be invested in the following (which is not the complete list):

• Livestock
• Tax liens
• Mortgage notes
• Real estate
• U.S. Treasury Bonds
• Precious metals (gold, silver, palladium, and platinum only)
• Private placements

Did your investment broker suggest any of these options or dismiss them when they came up in conversation, suggesting to you that they were not right for IRAs? Perhaps you took that to mean they were not eligible or maybe you never knew there were this many choices. Perhaps you know of a business right now that you would like to invest in but wondered if it was eligible.

There are a few products that will not be accepted as investments in an IRA. They include certain metals such as rhodium and copper, shares in a business of which the client is a partner, and a variety of other exclusions.

How is anyone supposed to know about eligible and ineligible investments?

The investment community does not expect their clients to know much and this is to their advantage. According to CamaPlan, the products these professionals choose for their clients are at least as beneficial to their own needs, if not more beneficial than they are to the needs of their clients.

People with no interest in money must gain greater financial literacy, and they can start at CamaPlan’s Cama Academy. Understand IRAs, IRS regulations, and dig deeply to protect your retirement from being lackluster or, worse, letting you down entirely.

CamaPlan.comWhat They Do: CamaPlan Review

This is an IRA administrative business. CamaPlan acts as custodian of your IRA and encourages clients to direct their investments according to their advice.

Cama reports to the IRS and keeps records for customers. They offer website users a number of tools, including an RMD calculator, private lending checklist, articles, numerous forms to print off, and more.

Associates at CamaPlan base their recommendations on the individual client’s goals, not an average plan for the average person.

Who is behind CamaPlan?

The letters of the name Cama represent the names Carl Fischer and Maggie Polisano, the two principals who started this business in Blue Bell, PA. They are both highly experienced in investment strategizing.

CamaPlan is affiliated with Diversified Investors Group, ACRE of Pittsburgh, and the National Registry of CPE Sponsors among others. They are accredited by the BBB and received an A+.

No one has lodged a complaint with the firm since accreditation in 2012. Call them for a free consultation. Take on board what they have to say and give yourself time to think. If you feel like they talk sense and make details clear, this could be an organization you could form a long-term business arrangement with. Ask about annual fees during your consultation too.

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