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This is one of the most exciting companies in the business of buying or selling precious metals today. Their team is more visible than just about any other, and they write many of the articles you will find on their site “Gold Dealer.” Their approach is multi-faceted and they all sound very excited about the business in spite of trading gold for more than 30 years.

golddealer.comCalifornia Numismatic Investments Review

Most of California Numismatic Investments’s customers are happy doing business here. Once in a while a review will surface saying their attitude was rude or rules made no sense.

The management responds to such complaints with tact and courtesy, yet explains the company’s side where appropriate. Something like rudeness is not condoned, but sometimes a customer is annoyed because he does not realize the reason behind a rule and misinterprets it to the firm’s detriment. Ken Edwards of California Numismatic Investments wisely uses responses to complaints as opportunities to show how genuine he and his team are.

Experts in Numismatics

Ken Edwards appears on or contributes to major media regularly such as CNN and PBS. His point of view is sought after because he truly knows the industry and handles questions professionally.

This is one reason why their firm is among the biggest in America; that and the other very professional associates at California Numismatic Investments, including founder Richard Schwary.

Social Media

If you thought investment companies were stuffy and staid, then you will be surprised by California Numismatic Investments’ wide social media presence. Visit them on Youtube, Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. If their website is anything to go by, expect regular updates made personally by Edwards and Schwary among others.

Daily Commentary

Among the many lively aspects of the company’s internet presence is how current it is. A daily commentary discusses what is going on in precious metals at the moment so a blog featured at the top of the list is never out of date. Many articles discuss the financial implications of global and political events as they unfold.

Special Services

Sometimes a consumer possesses an old coin, something he believes is probably rare, but its value is a mystery to him. One of his options is to seek out an expert in person and ask his advice.

California Numismatic Investments is exceptionally helpful in circumstances like these where they get to discuss a subject they are passionate about and share their knowledge with an interested listener. Customers trust their knowledge and sometimes end up selling to California Numismatic Investments because they come across so well, but there is no pressure. If anyone knows how important it is to deliberate upon investments in gold and silver, it is the staff at California Numismatic Investments.

IRAs from California Numismatic Investments

An IRA is a retirement savings plan instigated by the holder of that plan. He has the choice to fund that IRA in almost any way he likes, and the experts at California Numismatic Investments would recommend he choose gold and/or silver for some of it. They talk about the subject on their website, but not using rhetoric and pressure.

Hear what these learned and intelligent individuals have to say and also discuss the potential of buying gold for physical possession. Their role would be as traders only, not administrators, but California Numismatic Investments recommends New Direction IRA.

Physically Owning Gold

To some people, this is the only real safety net against inflation: owning gold coins at home. Numismatic coins do not have to be reported and might be exempt from confiscation if the dollar collapses. Other precious metals give consumers a similar sense of peace, like rhodium.

Relatively few traders bother with rhodium because it cannot be added to an IRA. But at California Numismatic Investments, they make a point of offering this scarce metal in Bair 1-oz Bars, made in London.

Rhodium is still inexpensive now compared to the big prices it sold for recently. Now is a good time to buy this rare metal. Prepare to sell it before retirement for a profit if you watch the charts closely. Car manufacturers use it to make catalytic converters.

Special Coins

Ken Edwards shows special interest in pre-1933 coins. He offers his “Secret List”: not really a secret, but that is the point.

The government is already secretive enough. Edwards shares his views on some of the best certified coins to own, getting down to the specifics of dates.

He lists $20 Liberty gold coins minted in certain years only. These are the “better dates” as he calls them. His list only contains 25 Liberty gold coins. For storage, California Numismatic Investments recommends a firm used for independent and IRA storage.

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