A visit to the BullionVault is bound to be interesting. Although this site is a bit overcrowded, look at it as more of a newsletter than a product website (even though that is its purpose).

On a newsletter, every spare piece of paper is taken up with articles and advertisements. Bullion Vault customers are much like readers of those publications seeking education, not just wealth. Though busy, the site is tidy and somehow simple to navigate.

BullionVault.comBullionVault Review: Real People at the Helm

The BullionVault is based in Hammersmith, London, and led by Chief Executive Paul Tustain. Directors are Marcus Quierin, Greg Lockwood, and Tim Levene. Short bios of each individual make you feel like they are down to earth guys and welcoming you to their company.

Not only do the directors and CEO of the BullionVault make themselves seem approachable, but they are happy to let you cast staff aside and deal with real people. The BullionVault site facilitates trading between individuals without interference or input from professionals.

International Clientele

Live support is offered and sales take place 24 hours a day. Customers to the BullionVault can look at prices in their own currencies (US Dollars, Euros, and Pounds) and also see how the market is performing in major cities.

Examine silver in Singapore, Gold in Zurich, or precious metals in Toronto. This is the biggest online bullion company in the world and clearly an internationally active market place.

They keep their buying and selling rates low and because they can arrange wholesale prices, storage fees at international depositories are cheaper here too than usual. International depositories offer excellent security and professional service in Toronto, Singapore, London, Zurich, and New York.

The BullionVault welcomes deals of any size in their effort to bring gold to as many people as possible.

Here is something other companies will find hard to match: the BullionVault is an award-winning company. They audit themselves daily too.

Part owners are the World Gold Council and Galmarley Limited since 2005. Refer to their company number if you want to be sure the men behind the BullionVault are who they say they are. Though relatively young, there are signs all over the website that the company does not rest on its laurels but is active to educate the investment community globally.

Educate Yourself

Investors are always encouraged by experts to remain informed, not hand their money to a broker and let him do what he wants. The BullionVault site is full of news and charts.

Use their site to explore performances by precious metals in the last 10 minutes or during the past 20 years. Explore their news site for details of the latest scam and ways to protect your wealth against fraud. Use these factual resources to determine if you want to use silver or gold to back your retirement fund.

As you can see, the business of buying and selling gold is nothing new, though hype has grown around the value of at least four metals in recent years: silver, gold, palladium, and titanium.

Is there good reason to be concerned?

In Europe, they have felt the pinch of economic failure more acutely than in many parts of the world. Greece and Ireland needed bailing out, while the British Pound dropped from a place of dominance, worth more than $2.10 against the US Dollar, to below $1.70 in ten years.

Though recovery is slowly taking place, fear still remains. Growing interest in gold from India and China does not just affect the United States.

England and the rest of the world should have access to this resource so as to stabilize uncertain economies trying to regain or reinforce their independence and prevent disaster.

Overall Impressions of the BullionVault

The site is friendly, easy to use, yet totally professional. The BullionVault is a full member of the London Bullion Market Association. Visit their live order board, perhaps to buy, but possibly just to watch in fascination as numbers change rapidly.

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