Bullion Direct

Bullion Direct from Austin, Texas, is all business: there is not a scrap of design or glamor to their website, as though they want customers to arrive knowledgeable and ready to get down to the job of buying gold.

Examine this gold investment company in greater depth in the following Bullion Direct review. What they lack in aesthetic appeal they gain in focus on the business of helping clients purchase precious metals inexpensively.

BullionDirect.comTheir Goals

Bullion Direct is especially interested in working with small-time investors, not big corporations. They trade, clear, purchase, and validate precious metals so the team must possess various skills.

Are they qualified to do all of these things? They have been operating since 1999 and running online sales since 2000. Those dates point to a promising figure: 15 years in the industry so far.

Nameless, Faceless

Would you hand your money to a faceless trader whose name you did not know? Without a name it is much more difficult to conduct back-checks and find out if a CEO has experience in this industry. You simply get that uncomfortable feeling that someone does not want to be identified; an uneasy sensation that reminds you of all the con-artists out there.

Where did their interest in the gold market come from? Some firms have history, starting with childhood interest in coins or a passion for enabling private consumers to own gold.

At Bullion Direct, you learn nothing of that kind. They post their business timeline; that is all. Yet they appear to be very professional and interested in what they do, as seen in their innovative approach.

Contact Bullion Direct

Although they are nameless and faceless, an associate is available to “talk” online. To order, you would have to phone their call center. This is your chance to casually discuss fees, services, and ask questions.

List of Services and Products

The list is short in keeping with the Spartan nature of their website. On the plus side, at least Bullion Direct is not trying to do too many things. They prefer to concentrate on managing a small number of products. A number of websites are too busy and you cannot accuse Bullion Direct of making that mistake.

Their products include bullion gold bars, Canadian Maple Leaf gold coins, US Mint Roll silver American Eagles from 2014, and South African Krugerrand. They list two items under “Palladium” and a few under “Platinum.” Headings for silver and gold are more promising.

Purchase older American Eagle silver coins, a US Mint Sealed Crate, platinum bullion, and US 90% silver coins. Those samples change in price and availability constantly due to the shifting market value of each type of metal.

Innovation in the Business of Investing

The Nucleo Exchange is a patented system devised by Bullion Direct to connect investors — both sellers and buyers — in real time. These participants can exchange their metals without interference from the middle man (Bullion Direct) and without the additional price this would add to purchases. Participants include jewelers, brokers, regular individuals, institutions, mines, and manufacturers.

Why would manufacturers be interested in gold, silver, platinum, or palladium? There are numerous industrial applications for precious metals. The Nucleo Exchange system operates 24 hours a day, anonymously.

Gold IRAs

Bullion Direct used to arrange Gold IRAs for customers. Today they no longer offer this product but currently maintain Gold IRAs customers have opened in the past and which have yet to mature.

Gold Community

Bullion Direct runs a user forum where members share news and talk about the industry. Their Nucleo Exchange is a wonderful idea which brings real people together. One gets the sense that Bullion Direct is more of a community than a business.

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