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If you have some serious money to invest — in the 100’s of thousands or even millions — then Broad Financial could be the place to bring your investment income. The site carries substantial information about different types of investments one can make and why one would choose a particular direction.

As is almost universally the case, their approach lists pros without cons, so conduct research about various types of investments offsite using objective online sources and the help of an experienced and ethical financial adviser.

BroadFinancial.comWhat Does Broad Financial Have to Offer?

Broad Financial appears to specialize in IRAs, though not necessarily gold. Their service portfolio is more varied than that.

Though IRAs are not all they have to offer, much of their website is taken up with how to fund an IRA or a 401(k) directed the way you want it. Their options include many non-Wall Street investments: real estate, small businesses, precious metals, and funds.

Other watchdogs have each conducted a Broad Financial review, including the BBB. This body gives Broad Financial an A+. Consumers should know that, while many firms set fees at a percentage of investment purchases, Broad Financial has selected a flat fee not for each product. This could work to your advantage or not depending on how much you plan to invest.

What Funds are Available for an IRA Rollover or 401(k) Startup?

Select insurance companies, church funds, solar energy, and some other small but lucrative projects for your IRA. Church funds are used to help rebuild or initiate building of a church. One can choose to reap dividends from a small insurance company.

Insurance companies are deemed safe and stable while providing decent returns. Remember taxes: calculate those into overall gains. IRAs provide tax incentives.

Solo 401(k) Products

As an employer or a self-employed individual, it is your responsibility to establish a retirement plan for yourself and employees where applicable. Visit Broad Financial to get a 401(k) off the ground. They provide advice about the direction to take: real estate, gold, etc.

While much attention from investment companies focuses on IRA rollovers, this is based on the assumption that a 401(k) will not supply individuals with the money they need to retire comfortably, even safely.

Many 401(k) plans are set to leave Americans with barely enough for modest rent, let alone the money for a holiday every year. Does this mean 401(k) pension plans are all worthless?

They do not have to be if the investors behind these plans are savvy enough to choose the right products to work with. Begin strongly and no employee will feel the need to rollover the pension plan you started for him.

Self-Directed Products

A self-directed 401(k) or IRA is one that is managed by you, the consumer. IRAs generally fall into this category anyway. Making a switch from one investment to another involves paperwork, but there are not a lot of loopholes involved.

A 401(k), however, is another matter. Americans (unless they run these accounts or are employers) have almost no say in the issue. An employee can petition a company to redirect some investment money, but might not succeed. With a self-directed retirement investment plan, Broad Financial takes orders from you.

Customers have their own cheque books with which to arrange funds and investments to their liking. Broad Financial manages customers’ accounts for a fee, but these accounts include all transactions via Broad Financial.

Instead of paying several institutions to manage funds, bonds, stocks, and precious metal-backed IRA plans, Broad Financial simplifies financial reporting by consolidating it all into one account accessible to the client at all times.

For Accredited Investors Only

An accredited investor satisfies one or more of several criteria pertaining to net worth or income. These individuals earn a minimum amount yearly and can prove they are set to earn at least this much for some time ($200,000 USD currently). They are people with a certain amount of money in the bank or access to assets valued at a minimum figure before taxes.

Only accredited investors can even contemplate some of the products at Broad Financial, such as funds in small businesses. This is one reason Broad Financial stands out from others.

Though many investment companies could potentially limit products of a weightier value in this way when you read the small print, Broad Financial is overt about attracting the attention of millionaires.

Small businesses rely on both Broad Financial and its customers. Broad Financial company policy ensures that customers have enough money to offer their backing to firms that rely on that income.

History of Broad Financial

In 2004, Broad Financial opened its doors as a real estate investment firm. Within less than five years they realized there was a shift in the economy which was leaving consumers high and dry.

Pension plans were failing dismally, but what could ordinary people do? They did not realize their options were diverse and that there were ways to change the likely result of under-performing pension plans to their benefit if they were willing to conduct research and fill out forms.

In 2009, after the 2008 economic crash, Broad Financial changed their direction, switching from strictly real estate-related products to IRAs and more.

In other words, Broad Financial is fairly young in the IRA industry. While you might wonder if an older firm with more history and reputation is better for you, a newer business also has the potential to start out with modern ideas instead of retro-fitting, which can make for awkward transitioning and mistakes.

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