Blanchard And Company

Blanchard and Company has a very interesting and important history, one which impacts every American desirous of owning gold privately. If not for the company’s founder, you might not have this choice.

Not until the 1970s when Mr. Blanchard himself petitioned aggressively to end prohibition against owning gold privately was the ban put in place by FDR finally lifted by President Ford. Since 1975, Blanchard and Company has been selling gold to (and buying it back from) the American public.

Blanchardgold.comCorporate Website

Although the firm makes gold available to ordinary people, their site is organized and styled in such a way as to suggest they are accustomed to dealing with corporate and wealthy clients. They claim to be the largest and most respected investment firm of their kind and one can easily believe it with a history and reputation like theirs.

About the Business

What kind of business are they? They are consultants and numismatists who also sell silver, gold, platinum, and palladium in bars, bullion, and coins. The man who grades coins that come through their investment house is the world’s leading expert: John Albanese, the man who created America’s coin grading system.

In other words, Blanchard and Company supplies numismatic expertise so that when a coin goes on the market here, you can be sure it is the genuine item worth whatever Albanese says.

Blanchard and Company Review

At present, more than 85 people are employed at Blanchard and Company. They have worked with almost half a million people and handled more than $1billion in sales this past three years. They are based in New Orleans and Dallas.

Read their profile like a résumé. It seems the people at Blanchard and Company expect you to, because they even list references, inviting potential clients to check up on them. After all, the company is providing a service. They work for you. Names and faces behind this company are made available so you investigate these professionals who aim to facilitate your investment in precious metals.

How to Buy Gold

Associates are available for sales and consultations Monday through Friday. They recommend that before making the call you transfer money into a Blanchard and Company account.

For once you are probably right to do so. Their reputation makes this firm a reliable bet. Once these funds have been cleared, it is possible to place an order based on that day’s prices for gold, etc.

If you order before your money is cleared, the price you were quoted might have changed. This advice is practical though you will need to call ahead of this move to be sure you are happy with their fees and terms.

Besides rare coins, Blanchard and Company handle Gold IRAs (retirement plans invested in gold) and sell bullion.

Interesting Information about Storage

Did you know there are four ways to store your gold and other metals? Blanchard and Company describes all four, listing pros and cons.

A home safe gives you automatic access to the gold but is harder to protect. A bank deposit box is safer, but you have to pay fees. Also, it is only available to visit when the bank is open.

International storage is more expensive and out of your way unless you live nearby, but the firm they use in Toronto is highly professional. This option plus one more, the Security Center in New Orleans, are best for people with a lot of wealth to store. Though cheaper than an International facility, the New Orleans center is not as private as storage in Toronto.

Blanchard and Company has created an educational site for learning about their history and the business of grading, buying, and selling coins. Learn how coins are divided into three groups: non-circulating, proofs, and circulating coins. Find out how these classes of coins affect prices.

Buy Back Policy

Blanchard and Company guarantees that if you decide at any time to part with your gold, they will buy it back. The price they give you, however, might not be the same as you paid.

A lot depends on the market price of gold when you choose to sell. Another factor is the condition of your purchase.

In the case of rare coins particularly, Blanchard and Company experts will need to examine products to determine if they have lost any of their original quality since you bought them.

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