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Birch Gold Group operates three locations in California, suggesting a successful and solid presence in the investment field. The firm’s special interest is Gold IRAs, investments set up by consumers with some years of employment remaining to increase their retirement income. Find out more about IRAs and Birch Gold Group as you study the practical value of gold in modern America.

A 5-Star Firm

As far as external review groups go, Birch Gold Group is doing great. Trust Link gives them 5 stars. The BBB’s grade is an A+. Though there are some negative write-ups from customers too, you will find that they are outnumbered substantially by reviews suggesting Birch Gold Group looks after their clients.

Reputation & Ratings

How big a deal is reputation to a gold dealer?

That “thumbs-up” from clients filters through the investing public. Fellow investors talk about this or that company around the coffee machine or at the gym. Other companies might have invested in big advertising campaigns, but they lack the reassurance that comes from personal testimony. Birch Gold Group provides this reassurance. Some enquiries are based on the strength of the firm’s reputation. They are young but growing stronger.

Complaints against Birch Gold Group

Readers would have a difficult time uncovering any legitimate complaints against Birch Gold Group. If they did, these would be anomalous errors, not intrinsic problems with staff or company policy. Birch Gold Group makes a point of keeping things simple.

Birch Gold Group A+ BBBWhat the BBB Has to Say

Whatever the Better Business Bureau has to say about a company has a significant impact on that firm’s reputation. Since not everyone will meet fellow investors with experience of dealing with Birch Gold Group, consumers must sometimes rely strictly on the evidence put forward by objective agencies. The Better Business Bureau is one of those.

Birch Gold Group started operating in 2003 and was accredited by the BBB in 2011. Since then, there have been no complaints against Birch Gold Group, nor any reviews. Clients usually refer to the BBB when they have problems, not when a transaction went smoothly.

Having been in business for more than a decade, receiving no complaints, and meeting all the criteria that the Better Business Bureau looks for, Birch Gold Group has earned an A+ in their books.

Business Consumer Alliance

Business owners and consumers unite to bring fraud to light and promote ethical firms in all fields via the Business Consumer Alliance.

Birch Gold Group AAA BCARatings on this site go as high as AAA, the rating BCA has awarded Birch Gold Group.

This is based on their review of business policy and structure. Their advertising appears to be ethical and the firm is fully licensed to trade in gold, silver, and platinum.

Trustlink Says “Yes”

Birch Gold Group TrustlinkActually, the reviewers whose opinions are posted on Trustlink give Birch Gold Group a decisive “thumbs-up” in their mainly 5-star posts.

No ratings lower than 4 stars were posted on this site where visitors read that Birch Gold Group provided excellent service. The most recent articles were posted in 2014, so they are relatively current.

Clients comment about how associates made them comfortable with the process of investing, even after these clients had experienced terrible transactions in the past. Their prices were the best because Birch Gold Group prefers to do business rather than sell gimmicks.

This is music to the ears of some clients. Straightforward transactions, education about the precious metals market, and an easy investment process were all they wanted. Birch Gold Group satisfied these needs.

Only a small number of reviews have been submitted to Trustlink, where one can be sure bad ones would have included had there been any.


Making a case against Birch Gold Group would be difficult on the basis of these ratings. This Burbank California trader appears to have everything going for it, including an excellent and growing reputation for honest dealing.

Setting a Certain Tone

Unfortunately for readers, a number of investment businesses have chosen to light a fire under potential customer’s desk chairs, stating or insinuating that global economic crisis is close at hand. One firm even goes so far as to sell emergency food online, making it sound as though a cataclysm is nigh.

Birch Gold Group promotes investments in gold as one way to strengthen against what might otherwise be disabling economic crisis. Their tone suggests that the only question now is when such an event will happen.

Reasons to Invest in Precious Metals

When confidence in the US Dollar (or any currency) is undermined, vendors, creditors, and foreign agencies will not accept it. They would rather consumers pay with currency that retains its buying power. Gold and silver are two obvious examples, gold being worth many times more than silver in the present climate.

Both are becoming more difficult to find in their raw state. They act as liquid currency, not like investments on paper. They will never fully fail or be undermined by inflation. In fact, when currency falters, precious metals are at their strongest.

Some metals are appropriate for IRA funding (a small and specific group of products). Others can be purchased independently and stored at home to ensure automatic and immediate access in difficult times.

Investment in Numismatics

A numismatic collection is valued according to three things: condition, scarcity, and weight. While regular bullion is only worth its weight and purity, it does not offer the third feature of scarcity. Coins more than a century old are prized for their connections to historic events in America, around the world, or at the US Mint.

They are not necessarily pure enough, however, to be worth anything in an IRA. Their monetary value is decided between collectors. Certain numismatic items are carried at Birch Gold Group. These include Gold Indian Eagle Heads, Morgan Silver Dollars, and Gold Liberty Heads.

birchgold.comGold IRAs: Birch Gold Group Review

An IRA is not the same as a 401k. The latter is established for employees by an employer. The former is opened by someone who is currently employed and wishes to make more out of his income than is currently possible from stagnant 401k policies.

Many Americans ignore inactive 401k plans they left behind after moving to new employers and their plans. A huge number of these are set to offer inadequate returns in the wake of inflation.

With an IRA, one can select from several different forms of investment: real estate, bonds, funds, and precious metals. Each of these would represent a separate account and the consumer can open several, but their combined contributions must not exceed the annual maximum.

An IRA backed by precious metals performs opposite to those invested in stocks or bonds; therefore, it is an excellent hedge against the potential losses one would sustain on the market should stocks crash or mutual funds fail. When one group of investments is on a high, the other is depressed. A diverse portfolio provides built-in protection if it represents these two sides.

Tax benefits make opening a Gold IRA attractive. Taxes are deferred until such time as one starts taking a pension. A ROTH IRA is even more appealing if a person or family is earning an average to below-average income. Contributions are tax-exempt, pension payments are tax-free, and one is not subject to the same rules regarding disbursement as they are with a Traditional IRA.

What Birch Gold Group Should Change

Most investment companies promote precious metals by putting an almost entirely positive spin on this kind of venture. They say little or nothing about what a gamble investment is, as though stocks are risky but precious metals are not.

Experts in finance assert (and prove with their charts) that the upward slopes of gold and silver’s market performances depict a downside. To climb in value, each item must have started at a low point. To form a peak, those commodities must have lost ground somewhere. Risk is a part of investment.

Birch Gold Group needs to do better about setting out the risks. Certainly, precious metal investments are less of a gamble than real estate, but there are factors that could change your mind about that.

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