Your review of Amerigold starts strong on page one where you can see they are accredited or affiliated with all the right groups: the Better Business Bureau, ICTA, and PCGS. More organizations could one day be added to this lineup such as TrustLink, BCA, or the ANA, but the ones on board already are three of the best; ones consumers want to and should see in this field.

Their symbols on a website indicate that a business strives to maintain standards set by external bodies relevant to their business. The Better Business Bureau cannot accredit a business that refuses to answer requests for information. Amerigold is accountable and visible. PCGS in particular is an essential connection when dealing in numismatics.

Amerigold.comAn Amerigold Review

Read the daily report on gold and silver, platinum and palladium. Look back a year to examine ongoing movements.

Educate yourself about metals: why individual and industrial clients want them. All of these resources are made available on the website.

Platinum, for instance, is rarer than gold and frequently worth more on the investment market according to current trends. It is used in the medical industry, as a conductor of electricity, and is what financial experts refer to as a “strategic investment.” Other uses include pacemakers, jewelry, catalytic converters, paint mixing, computers, and dentistry.

Silver is also an industrially agile metal, while palladium belongs to the platinum family and, like platinum and gold, is worth several times more than silver.

Each metal is treated with the same, in-depth attention by skillful and knowledgeable writers. An interesting point about platinum is that just two countries are responsible for most of its production: Russia and South Africa. In other words, if there is political upheaval in either country affecting trade, global supplies of this precious metal will become scarcer still.

From their educational resources, one can see that valuing precious metals is complex. One must have a grip on the political climate internationally, the geology of locating and mining precious metals, and how much of each one is circulating for companies and individuals to purchase.

A Glimpse of the Seer

This section hosts guest commentary by notable figures in the financial and investment communities. It is not a current blog or news source. Articles posted here date back to 1967 and no earlier than 2006 during which times the move towards precious metals was already predicted and strongly advocated.

Other resources on the Amerigold website are up-to-date and much more useful to the modern investor. The Seer just proves earlier pundits right, which is the point of the heading title: The Seer. A Seer tells the future. Writers under this heading are credited with having done just that.

Catalogue of Products

Instead of showing the entire catalogue of products they carry, Amerigold opts to showcase only their bestsellers. If you want the full picture, you will have to call for details: an inconvenient and inconsiderate choice which ensures any interested client has to engage in a conversation with one of Amerigold’s highly trained sales associates.

This is where the pressure sales can start. There is no indication that this is a tactic of theirs, but one would still appreciate the opportunity to view all products and conduct independent research on pricing and a product’s background before calling the company.

Their bestsellers do not give a complete picture of Amerigold’s purview either. Are they primarily interested in big-selling pieces or do they also deal in rare coins? Of course, all of this information is available via phone. Amerigold is based in Denver, Colorado, but their scope is national. Customers come from all over the country.

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