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The precious metals market is risky. Fraud is rife. Accreditation with business agencies and regulatory bodies in the gold exchange industry is an essential qualification to look for in a precious metals trader. Without at least a Better Business Bureau grade (an “A” or higher) you should probably look somewhere else for service.

American Gold Exchange (or AGE, as the firm is fondly known), founded in Austin, Texas, in 1998, can boast BBB accreditation. So many similar firms have not even applied for accreditation or the BBB will not grade them owing to business characteristics they feel require further investigation.

Established Company

American Gold Exchange’s business is precious metals and rare coins which they sell to business professionals and individual customers. To ensure no stock issues arise (delays between order placement and delivery), they maintain a large stock. It helps to know who is looking after your investments by name, but a number of companies either have no executive board or keep them in the shadows. Dana S. Samuelson is president of AGE. William R. Musgrave is his Vice President.

amergold.comAmerican Gold Exchange Review

Numerous clients have taken the time to rate their experience of AGE. They indicated that the company is beyond reproach. Not only do many clients return to do business multiple times, but they tell people they care about to give AGE their business as well, often referring to individual associates by name.

Shipping is quick, sometimes quicker than promised. When clients voice questions, they receive answers that make sense and are delivered with patience. Service here is better than the other firms can offer, at least where some experienced investors are concerned.

If AGE was your first stop after deciding to invest in precious metals, that is fortunate; you started well. If this is the second or third company you have approached, the good news is that you are probably where you should have been all along and will probably never have to look again.

Some familiar financial pundits lend their support to American Gold Exchange too. All of these points should leave you feeling confident about your choice.

External Membership

Do not leave it to customers to tell you American Gold Exchange is legitimate. Look at what the company has to offer in the way of accountability. They are affiliated with the ICTA, NGC, CCE, PNG, and ANA. These are numismatic and business organizations that verify that the company is not up to any tricks.

The Home Page

American Gold Exchange’s one negative is their home page. It tends to be crowded, like they are over-excited or panicked that if something is not shared on page one the customer will not bother to explore the site and find it. Websites like this can be daunting to new investors. Too much information in one place makes them feel nervous and under-qualified. AGE might wish to think this through.

On the left they list products for sale like European and World Numismatics, Power Pairs, New Classics from the United States, Gold Coins and Silver items including Common Date Coins, bulk silver, and more precious metals.

On the right you will see items for coin collectors. These are rare coins for personal investment, safe from prying IRS eyes. They cannot back an IRA but can be used to engage in private trading or as backup if the government confiscates gold bullion and bullion coins.

Products at American Gold Exchange

A section hosting rare coins depicts items from the mid-19th Century to the First World War. Some products on their list were sold back to AGE by customers, but this is nothing to be worried about. Customers trade back coins for a variety of legitimate reasons.


Read the Daily Gold Update, live prices for Precious Metals, a Daily Economy Watch, and review prices for gold stretching back in time. Opinions about the future of the US economy are not all going in the same direction, although their current state of financial crisis is undeniable. One point of view comes across strongly from pundits, however: diversify your portfolio. Add precious metals.

Tangible gold (not stocks in mines) is an excellent way to fortify retirement funds. No other investment is so easy to liquidate or as universally recognized as real money when currency is worthless.

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